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Something to make you think

on December 7, 2009

In the past, we’ve adopted an angel for Christmas from the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  It’s been a while since we’ve done it, so I thought it would be a good thing to do again, especially considering the climate we live in these days: increasing numbers of jobless, influenza epidemic, recession.

I went today to our mall and chose two angels, the same ages and genders as my children. I want them to help pick out some things for them, to see that not everyone is as fortunate as we are.  The lady working there told me there are seniors on there as well. I chose a 65-year-old gentleman.  I probably should have chosen someone my dad’s age, but this man for whatever reason, caught my attention.  The only thing this dear older man wants is clothes, so nice warm clothes he shall receive.

What really breaks my heart is the number of angels that remain on the tree.  There were so many on the tree, and even more on a table in a little divider separated by gender and age.  They had tags for entire families as well.  Thinking about it now, I should’ve picked  a family so that everyone would get something. I will feel really bad if the children I chose get something and their siblings don’t.

Being the mom that I am, I picked out some warm clothing, hats, gloves, fleece pullovers. I can’t bear the thought of children being cold in winter. I will have my children help pick out toys for them. Who knows, I may even go back and adopt a family. It just makes my heart hurt to see so many people in need, real, true, desperate need. If it was allowed, I’d send some groceries with the gifts, but maybe instead I’ll just send some little candies.

Seeing something like this tree always makes me realize exactly how fortunate I am and makes me want to do more for the people who are in need.

I’m asking you now, if you are reading this post, go to your local mall, or wherever the angel tree is, choose an angel and make someone’s Christmas a little bit better. Drop some coins in that red kettle, put a toy or some groceries in the collection box.  Something that may be really small to you can be something really great to someone in need.

Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up on Christmas to find nothing under the tree, if you even have a tree that is. Or worse yet, have nothing in the pantry to eat. If you are able, please go pick an angel, child or adult, and do what you can to help. Even a little bit is better than nothing.

Merry Christmas


I am on my way to return some of the useless, extraneous gifts I bought for my family and use the money to help more people.  They have a tree at my children’s school for hats/gloves/scarves for children within our school district who are in need.  I am also seriously considering adopting a family from the angel tree and getting each of them something and including a gift card from one of our local grocery stores.  They’ll get food from the Salvation Army for Christmas, but what happens after Christmas? That is my mission right now, to help as many people in and around my community as I can. I want everyone to know the spirit of Christmas and that even people who don’t know them care about them.

2 responses to “Something to make you think

  1. drmomx2 says:

    In thinking about all of this, I am so blessed and have everything that I need. I am going to return some of the ‘fluff’ gifts I’ve bought for us that we can truly live without and use that money to help more angels. I truly cannot imagine the stress parents must feel trying to come up with gifts for their children when they dont’ have a job, or a job that barely pays enough to cover the bills. It really makes me think about things differently. The sad part is the need is there year round, but only at Christmas is it brought to the forefront. I wish they did a program in the summer, like a back to school angel thing, so all kids can have new clothes to start school with.

  2. drmomx2 says:

    I returned nearly $50 worth of things I’d bought for Christmas, just because. things that none of us need. I don’t need another baseball hat, my daughter doesn’t need another nightgown, and I certainly don’t need another fleece throw. I purchased some lovely warm clothing for the senior I chose from the tree. And then I went back and picked up three more angels, siblings, to buy for. There are so many left on the tree, I really hope they all get chosen. I also bought gloves for my children’s school, they have a hat/glove/scarf tree to help kids in our school district. I really wish there was more I could do.

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