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I’m nearly finished with the third time through this one. I have to say, if you enjoyed ‘Lord of the Rings’, according to my father-in-law, you’ll enjoy this series. There are alot of the same elements: dwarves, elves, magic, etc. I can’t say b/cI’ve never read them. I suppose I should add them to my list, huh?

In this installment, Eragon goes to train with the elves and learn their ways and secrets. But when the Empire is trying to capture him, they attack his small village in Palancar Valley, Carvahall. They are attempting to capture his cousin Roran to bait Eragon. Roran and the villagers fight back, turning Roran into the unexpected leader and forcing them to make some really difficult decisions.

There is danger at every turn and narrow escapes from different forces. Eragon will get some shocking and unexpected news at the end in a huge battle against the Empire.

Next up: ‘Brisingr’. The new leader of the Varden shows her true strength, Eragon learns more about his parentage and skills of the elves.

I’m so excited, it’s difficult for me to get thru these, I received my copy of the newest and final installment in the series ‘Inheritance’. It’s a doorstop at 800+ pages. My son saw it and his eyes bugged out. I know, it looks intimidating, that’s for sure. But I”m not scared, and I want to find out how the story ends! Will the herbalist predictions for Eragon’s life all come true? Up to this point, many of them have.

What about you? have you read any of these books? What are you reading currently?

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