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The Island of Dr Moreau

I never had to read any HG Wells in high school. ‘Animal Farm’ and “1984” are required reading at many schools, but not the one I was lucky enough to be sentenced to. And of course, I didn’t read any of his works, because I wasn’t forced to. Funny thing, time. Now there are many books that are on required reading lists that I want to read, ‘Great Expectations’, “Pride and prejudice’, and many more. Does that make me a bit mental, wanting to read these works now just for pleasure rather than points? Hm, I’ll get back to you on that one.

I get a weekly email from our public library, breaking down the new items they have in each week. DVD’s, books, e-books, etc. and I saw this one on the list. Hey, why the heck not? I’m only reading about three other books right now, why not throw another in with them? I got it for my e-reader and immediately started reading it. The firs thing that surprised me was that it’s only 130 some pages. The other thing was the style of writing. I have read different styles of books from many different types of authors and this one was a bit of a struggle. Just the rhythm of his writing and the terminology and patterns used were out of the norm for us these days and it took me a bit longer than I would’ve ever thought to read such a short story.

I had an idea what it was about, I think I remember something about a movie long ago. Anyway, Dr Moreau was a scientist in London who was basically driven out of town on a rail because of his experiments. His favorite mode of experimentation was vivisection, a cruel and inhumane form of torture practiced on live creatures without anesthesia. The main character, Prendick was on a ship that was overtaken by waves and he and two others were forced to the lifeboat. With no provisions, two of them died quickly and he was near death when he was rescued by another ship, carrying Dr. Moreau, his assistant, Montgomery, and a load of supplies and animals to Moreau’s island. Prendick was near death, but Montgomery nursed him back to health, but when he regained his wits and senses, he wished he hadn’t.

The island was a very remote and deserted volcanic island in which Moreau could carry on with his hideous experiments without prying eyes. All I can say is, well, it’s pretty weird. Things you would never think of, crossing a hyena with a pig, or a horse with a rhino. Really strange stuff. What you expect to happen, finally does.

Now, the next question, would I read any of his other works? Maybe. Would I read this again? No. It’s not that kind of story. I’m glad I read it, but we’ll see what happens next with my bucket list.


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3 responses to “The Island of Dr Moreau

  1. I am reading this book right now, I cannot wait to see how it ends ! Thanks for making it interesting =)

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