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The Romanov Prophecy

In 1918, the Reds captured Nicholas and Alexandra, the Tsar and Tsarina of Russia and their family, at the height of the Bolshevik revolution. As the Whites were approaching Red territory, to prevent the Whites liberating the Tsar and his family, the Reds executed the entire family. There is a conspiracy theory that at least one of the Tsar’s children, Anastasia, escaped, but there has never been any proof uncovered. These things are true.

In this book, so far (and I’m not too far in) the government in Russia is shaky at best and there is a commission who wants to restore the Tsars to power. But this time the Tsar will basically be a puppet for the people who are supporting him to be selected. Miles Lord is a black international attorney who has always had an interest in Russia and Russian history. He speaks the language at least as well as the natives. He and his mentor and immediate superior, Taylor Hayes, have been sent to Moscow to supervise the Tsar Commission and ensure that their candidate will be selected Tsar.

The problem is there are not many, if any, blacks in Russia. He is with a Russian attorney on the street when they are attacked by the mafiya (the Russian bad guys) and his Russian counterpart is gunned down and the killers pursue Lord trying to kill him as well. He manages to escape them, but the continue to hunt him down. Black men in a sea of whites stand out, don’t you know.

I haven’t gotten too much farther, but it seems to be pretty interesting. I enjoy the suspense/mystery/thriller kind of books that I can’t figure out. I’ll keep reading and fill you in on it when I’ve read more.

I finished the book and enjoyed it. I do like the suspense when I can’t immediately figure it out. I will say though it’s a bit formulaic, in that in every single chapter there’s some dastardly deed they have to escape. There were some creative situations, mind you, but still…


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