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Recipe substitutions

on December 7, 2009

Well, I have learned the hard way that sometimes, one thing cannot be substituted for another when cooking. I was really surprised and thought it would not make that much difference, but in the end it really did.  I was making a chicken and wild rice soup in the crock pot.  It’s  a really delicious recipe i got from one of my sister-in-laws.  I’ve had it before and enjoyed it, so thought hey, it’s cold outside, definitely soup weather, let’s try something different.

It calls for heavy whipping cream. Guess what, I have no heavy cream, but what I do have is 1/2 & half, it’s half cream, it should work, right? Well, in a word, wrong. The soup was ok, but it was very runny, and I don’t believe it’s supposed to be quite as watery as mine was.  It tasted fine, but I have learned my lesson.

There are somethings I’ve learned that I can sub for another item and things are just fine, as in green bell pepper instead of red.  The red peppers sometimes around here are $1.50 each, which is pretty steep for a single pepper.  Oddly enough, the green peppers are usually less than half that.  Ok, it still works.  When I’m baking cookies, I use butter flavored Crisco sticks.  My mother in law gave me the tip.  She said it makes the cookies a bit moister and they don’t scorch.  Hmm, ok, I’ll give it a try. It works wonderfully.

I have happy accidents in the kitchen regularly, unfortunately, this was not one of them. I was underwhelmed by the result. Oh well, live and learn right?

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