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The Templar Legacy

If you ‘ve heard of the Knights Templar, then you know there are all sorts of rumors and theories out there about their missing treasure. There have been a few movies about searching and finding the mysterious missing cache. I have not finished this book yet, I’m about halfway thru. It’s written by Steve Berry, the same man who wrote ‘The Romanov Prophecy’, and I”ll tell ya, even though it’s a completely different story, surrounding completely different characters, again, formulaic. There are many similarities between this book and The Romanov Prophecy: A main character who speaks a different language that isn’t Spanish or French, European locations, missing information/treasure that has to be hunted down by deciphering and following a trail of clues, which lead to more clues, bad guys around every corner intent on preventing his protagonist from reaching his goal. It’s good so far, but I don’t know that I’ll read any more of his books, you already know that I don’t like to be able to predict what’s going to happen next or figure out the end. I want  twists and turns that don’t come in a specific, predictable pattern.

This story is surrounding Cotton Malone, a former CIA guy who retired after his marriage went down the tubes. He has a visit from a mysterious benefactor who wants to give him an antique bookstore in Copenhagen, and guess what! He speaks Danish of all things, what a coinkidink! His former boss didn’t want him to leave, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. When she suddenly turns up on a ‘vacation’ and wants to meet him for drinks, he realizes that she’s in over her head. He watches as a purse snatcher slices the strap of her handbag, takes it and makes a run for it. He gives chase and manages to catch the guy, but not before the purse snatcher takes an elderly couple hostage and then commits suicide shouting a phrase used by the Templars. That is when he really becomes suspicious about the whole situation and they end up traipsing all over Europe in pursuit of these clues trying to uncover what his boss’s husband was killed trying to discover.

It’s ok, I’ll probably finish this one and be done with his writing. But it’s mostly entertaining, when it’s not too predictable.

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