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I have to say I’m not reading this right now, it doesn’t come out til November. But I’m so darned excited for it I just can’t wait!

Inheritance is the final book in a series, the ‘Inheritance’ series. It was originally supposed to be a trilogy, but there were just so many loose ends and story lines that had to be tied up, the last book in the series got a little out of control.

Eragon is the first book in the series and was written by a young man at the tender age of 16 I believe. If you’ve seen the movie, please don’t pass on the book. The movie was really butchered and really destroyed the story. I discovered this after watching the movie and then buying the book in an effort to get my son interested in reading. He was in second grade and we really enjoyed the movie and thought the book would be good night time reading for the two of us. I was quite shocked when reading the book at how different the story was and what creative liberties were taken with the movie.

The author, Christopher Paolini, is a very talented writer. He has created a world with dragons, elves, fairies, dwarves, evil kings, magic, and their own languages. His descriptions are very detailed leading to the wordiness of the stories. However, once you get into the rhythm of his writing style, it’s really very entertaining.

It begins with Eragon, the orphaned son of a farmer. His father was dead and his mother gave birth to him and left him with his uncle to be raised with his cousin, Roran. Eragon is in the woods hunting and comes across an interesting blue stone. He takes the stone back to his village and tries to sell it. Because he’s found it in the king’s woods, an area said to be haunted, called the Spine, no one wants to buy it. Soon enough, he discovers that it’s not really a stone, but a dragon’s egg. Eragon’s life changes immediately and he finds out that the rumors and old stories are not fictitious but are all true.

I think I may have to go back and re-read the first three books in preparation for the final installment. I can’t wait! I want to know about his long-lost brother, what happened to his mother, and what about the evil king, will he be vanquished once and for all? I will definitely let you know what I think after I’ve read it.

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