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Merry Christmas!

And what a day it is! We had 6 to 8″ of snow yesterday on top of about 1″ of sleet and the FIRST ever blizzard warning for our state! It is definitely one that we will be talking about for a long time to come.

I am very thankful that we don’t have work and school to worry about missing today. We are able to just spend time together playing and hanging out. Enjoying each other for a bit. Later, when the windchill isn’t in the single digits, we’ll go out and build snowmen and have some fun outside and then come in for hot cocoa with loads of marshmellows!

My living room is strewn with the remains of at least an hour or two’s worth of wrapping, clothes, toys, random and miscellaneous stuff and a few lonely presents still under the tree waiting for the snow to clear so we can venture out and deliver them to their intended recipients. It essentially looks like a department store threw up, yeah, I think that’s a pretty good description, just because of the sheer variety of things lying about. Shoes, Lego’s, candy, Nerf guns, books, video games, board games. Wow! What a haul. I even really tried to scale back this year. Honestly, I think I was able to scale back a bit, but it still looks like my kids made out like bandits!

Me, my gift was spending time with them and seeing the pure joy on their faces and thinking about the families of the children I purchased for from the Angel Tree.  How the kids’ faces must have lit up seeing the presents under the tree, if they had one, and the joy on the parents’ faces knowing someone cared enough to help them in a time of need.

Now if we could just keep the feeling of love and caring going all year long, how wonderful that would be.

I hope this finds your heart full of love and your home full of friends and family sharing this wonderful day. I wish you the Merriest of Christmases and a blessed New Year!

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Cookies for Santa

Yes, my blog is titled “Confessions of an Unintentional Domestic Goddess.’ I never realized I had hidden within myself and Rachael/Martha/Betty wannabe. The past few years, she has been fighting to escape the confines of my brain and shows herself on a fairly regular basis.

Case in point: Last night my son’s best friend was here for a sleepover. Today is Christmas Eve and of course, we must have cookies for Santa. I think he would be tremendously offended if we neglected his midnight snack. So, with my son’s friend (and my extra son) here, we made gingerbread cookies. I thought I had a man cookie cutter, but couldn’t seem to locate it so we made Santa, Christmas trees, stockings and snowmen and had agreat time decorating them with frosting and loads of sprinkles. I think Santa may have a belly ache by the time  he leaves my house!

It really was so much fun doing it and watching them. My son’s friend is a really good kid and I like him a lot. I am very happy that they live two doors down. It’s very convenient, I like his parents, and he’s a good kid to boot. Jackpot!

He was so funny, he wanted to watch me roll the dough and cut out the cookies. I guess his mother doesn’t cook much, no matter how many easy recipes I give her, she just doesn’t enjoy it at all. He told me what a good cook I am, and that really made me feel good. Sweet kid.

I called his mother to ask a question and told her what we were doing and she said, ‘Oh, I”m so glad he gets to do that with you. I guess no matter how much I don’t want to do it, I really should, just so we can do it together.’  That really made me realize that not everyone has an inner Rachael/Martha/Betty dying to get out. I hope she will do things like that for him. He really seemed to enjoy it. In the meantime, I’ll continue passing on easy recipes for her to try in hopes she’ll discover her “Unintentional Domestic Goddess”!

Merry Christmas!

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Why yes, I am psychic

Well, today we finally made it to see Santa. I have a feeling this was probably the last one for my son, who is now 9. We got dressed in our holiday finery and made the trek to the mall.  We did go early because there is no way I want to fight mall traffic later in the day.

Santa arrives at 10AM and we were there by 9:50, and the line was already a dozen deep. Thankfully, there were no screaming children in line.  Everyone seemed to be well-behaved and vibrating with anticipation of telling the big man what they wanted for Christmas and how good they’d been all year. 

There was  family in front of us with four children. They were all well-behaved while waiting for their turn. Included in this group was a girl about 6 or 7, a boy about 4 and twin girls in the neighborhood of 2. Everything was fine until the rope was pulled back to allow them their chance to see the jolly old elf. That’s when it happened. Ear-piercing, glass-shattering screaming from the twin girls.  One stuck to dad, the other to mom, while the older children looked at the girls as if they’d just fallen from the sky. I think my ears started to bleed before they removed the children from the area.

Our turn! Yay! I was actually allowed to take pictures with my camera because I’d agreed to purchase their over-priced portraits. I got several good shots and they did as well. My children went without hesitation to sit on his knee and tell him what they wished for. The pictures are wonderful and I’ll cherish them always.

Now, how do I know that I have psychic abilities, you ask? Well, as I was admiring the photos of my children on Santa’s knee, I looked at the expression on his face.  It was not one of joy, happiness, or peace, but rather a restrained boredom, fatigue and exhaustion. His smile, if you can call it that, was a pained, strained bearing of teeth, it almost looked like he was ready to eat the children the way his lips parted to show his teeth!  His eyes were looking into the camera with a pleading look, begging for help, and saying, ‘Dear God, is it over yet?” I feel his pain, I too am ready for it to be over, but I have to say, ‘Not yet, Santa. Your big night is almost here, then you can rest.’

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Anxiously counting down

You know, I really do love this time of year. The anticipation of seeing what Santa has brought, the look of excitement on my children’s faces, the beautiful decorations, the food, the feelings of love, giving and caring that seem to permeate everything. Have you noticed how festive everything is when decked out for Christmas? I realized it a few years ago as I was packing away my decorations. Afterward, my house just looked plain, boring, ho-hum. And I am not one that goes completely overboard with the decorations. We have neighbors who we love, they are great people, and every single room is decorated for Christmas. Me, not so much. That’s way too much work for me.

Which leads me to a question. Why is it, we only put lights on our houses at Christmas? why not Easter or Halloween or Memorial day? I don’t know the answer to that one. I have seen some people put lights on their bushes at Halloween, but no other time. Oh, I just remembered, I have seen light-up window decorations for Valentine’s day at the store, I suppose the light-up decoration people are trying to break into a different holiday.

One thing I definitely could do without this time of year is the rudeness some people tend to display. As if they are the only ones in a hurry to get somewhere. As if you don’t matter, get the hell out of their way. In stores and in parking lots, it’s almost like overnight, any kind of manners vanish into thin air.

For my husband’s sake, now I am anxiously counting down for this craziness to be over, soon. Thankfully, we’ve only got 4 more days. He’s a retail manager and this is his busy time of year. Example, last Friday, he said he was working a ‘mid’ shift. I assumed maybe a 10 to 8 or something like that. Nope. He left our house at 8AM and didn’t make it back home until 11:30PM. And then had to turn around and be back at work before 6AM. Yesterday and today, he woke up at a time we like to call the ‘butt crack of dawn’ 4AM to be at work before 5AM. Whoever decided the stores needed to be open so freaking early on a Sunday should be the person who has to actually be there! I promise you, the genius who thought up the whole extended holiday hour thing was some yahoo in an office, high above the fray who said, ‘Hey, you know what? I think those poor shlubs who actually run the store are getting off too easily and need to work their asses off even more! So here’s my proposal, let’s open earlier than anyone in their right mind would be here shopping and keep it open later than curfew, just to see if these guys will do it! Yeah, that’s a great plan!” That’s my idea of how this all came to be.

Thankfully, it’s coming to a close, none too  soon either. He’s wiped out. I have a feeling he’d like to get home in time to have a hot dinner with his family, play with his children or maybe even have a conversation with his wife every now and again.

That said, I do wish you all the merriest of Christmases, or whichever holiday you celebrate in your home, and a very Happy New Year!

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