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Chipmunks, a 2 Mile High Hailstorm, and a Miracle (Vacation 2015 Part 1)

Wow! Summer, she’s a-flyin. At first, time seemed to be slowed down. But as per usual, 4th of July rolls around and it hits hyper speed on the downhill to kids birthdays and back to school.

This year, our downhill turn to hyperspeed took a detour. A family reunion/50th anniversary celebration in Estes Park, Colorado. All I can tell you is if you have never been to Colorado, you are missing out. Big time. At least the mountainous parts. Eastern Colorado is pretty flat, mostly because it runs straight into Kansas, which is where the idea for pancakes came from. But the mountains, that is amazing.

We left our steaming home town heading north and west for a 10 hour drive to the city of Castle Rock, just south of Denver to spend the night with college friends. They were worried about how ‘hot’ it was there. After I stopped laughing, I reminded them of where we came from, and no, it most definitely is not even close to ‘hot’. Warm for them, but not hot.

If you’ve been hanging out with me for any length of time, you will remember our vacation disasters. Every. Single. Time. We either get trauma, drama or a puking kid. Without fail. It has gotten to the point that I really, truly question my sanity when we plan a trip. This, however, was not just a vacation, it was a special occasion, so I didn’t have the luxury of questioning anything. We’d initially planned to take my car, a Subaru Outback, with a car top carrier to put our luggage in. The problem, was that my car didn’t have the proper rails to secure the carrier to. No big deal, except we didn’t discover this until about 7:30 the night before we were leaving. I was pretty sure this was signaling the beginning of another trauma/drama filled trip.

Load up, hit the road Saturday. It was a great day for a drive and we made good time. The last 40 miles before our friends house was through a very remote area and incredibly beautiful, rolling hills and farms. My kids wanted to camp there and I just thought about how many stars we’d be able to see at night. A lovely dinner on the deck looking at the foothills and a beautiful sunset ended our first day.

Ok, I”m thinking. So far so good. But I’m not dumb enough to say anything out loud and jinx it. Neighbors that night decide to use their fire pit and have a party. Til after midnight. With open windows. Close windows=much better. An hour later, my girly is in our room ‘Mom. I think I’m going to be sick.”  Here we go, I thought. She’d just gotten over heated in a stuffy room. She was fine, thankfully.

Arrive at Estes Park Sunday afternoon and the home away from home in time to greet family and nose around the houses. Mom and sister in law and I make a list and hit the grocery store. You know, I never really thought of a grocery store trip as an adventure or anything requiring protective gear. But this is Estes Park. They apparently only have one in the entire town. The town that swells to 3 to 4 times it’s population in the summer. It felt like I was at WalMart on Black Friday. Or the local grocery following a blizzard warning. Between trying to maneuver the cart and the empty shelves, it was chaos. I don’t envy the people who have to recover and restock the store overnight. The cashiers really should get hazard pay. Here’s a tip, if you’re a grocery store owner, put one in Estes Park, you’ll make a killing!

Here’s the first half of our trip:

Sunday: A short trip from Denver to Estes Park. Which was nice, since the drive on Saturday was about 10 hours. See above adventure in local Safeway.

Sunset over the Rockies our first night

Monday: Rocky Mountain National Park. We drove up to the Alpine Visitors Center. On the way, we saw wildlife, got rained on, hailed on and snowed on! In the photo below, you can see the rain moving through. Those clouds dropped a single bolt of lightning and the PING of a lone hailstone that sent us all scrambling for our cars. A few minutes later and further up the mountain, a hailstorm at 11K feet was incredible and frightening all at once!

Rain moving through the valley, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rain moving through the valley, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Above the treeline, Rocky Mountain National Park

Above the treeline, Rocky Mountain National Park

Mountain stream, RMNP

Mountain stream, RMNP

Tuesday: Rafting the Cache La Poudre river. It was very fun and yes, the water was ridiculously COLD! The bus ride up and back was an adventure in itself!

Cache La Pudre River. Water was in the 30's!

Cache La Pudre River. Water was in the 30’s!

Wednesday: We attempted shopping downtown. With 19 ppl, it’s more like herding cats! In the evening we had surprise anniversary party for Mom and Dad in law, it was their 50th we were celebrating. I don’t have any pics of the gang shopping, so I’ll share a few of the flowers and scenery.

These babies were everywhere!

These babies were everywhere!

A random bathtub. Why not?

A random bathtub. Why not?

Yes, this is near the home as well!

Yes, this is near the home as well!

Beauty around the home.

Beauty around the home.

Stay tuned for Part 2! More to come!

Visit Estes Park

Rocky Mountain National Park


A Pack of Wolves, The Wild Woody, and The Case of the Mysterious Melted Gum

It is summer. Which means road trip & vacation season, right? Well you know, I hate to be left out of these things. Especially when I have a job that is extremely flexible and the boss lets me work around my husband’s schedule.

We have good friends who live in St Louis and we do our best to visit them every summer. St Louis is a very fun city that has so much to do for everyone. Our friends actually own three, count’em THREE haunted houses in St Louis, so needless to say, it’s never a dull moment when we visit! To answer your next question, yes, we’ve been through the houses, but only with lights on and no actors present (I’m a great big ole weenie!).

Last year, they partnered with a friend who had a business in Branson, aka Entertainment Capitol of the Midwest. I haven’t been to Branson in over 20 years, and in that time, nearly every single country star you can think of has opened a theater of some sort. It’s gone from a sleepy little regional kind of vacation spot, to a really jam-packed and popular destination. There is all manner of entertainment you can possibly want for the whole family. Shows, mini-golf, shopping, restaurants, lakes, I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

So this new business venture, Branson’s Wild World, is a really fun & cool place. It’s part aquarium, part zoo, part family fun center. They have sharks, gators, snakes, spiders, fish, and even a pack of wolves! Seriously, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a wolf before, but theirs are all black and beautiful. My kids were able to touch & hold snakes (ew, not me) and pet a tarantula. Again, not me! They also have black light indoor mini golf! I know! It was very challenging, but fun!

I took the kids up on Friday and we went to the Wild World, and I took loads of pictures. Saturday, that was our day to go to Silver Dollar City. If you’ve never been, it’s in a very hilly part of the world, and I am always surprised when I see women walking around in heels. Anyway, it’s an old-time western kind of theme park. they have rides, some really huge roller coasters, artisans like black smiths, leather workers, and many other craftsmen. Although, I have to say, it was quite frustrating. The roller coasters are run by software, unlike the ‘olden days’ when they were operated by a switch. The newest ride, Outlaw Run, is a wooden roller coaster and supposed to be a big deal. We went straight there when we got in, and were immediately greeted with a message that the ride was down and repairs were being made, but they didn’t know when, or if, it would be back up. At that point, many people decided to try their luck in other parts of the park. We decided to wait and just see what happened. You never know, it could be 5 min, or 55 minutes for them to get it going again. We waited an hour, they got it going and sent two cars with people through and just when we were in sight of the cars, the people who’d just gotten their seats, were told to get out, and resume their spots in line. Sheesh. We decided to go and do something else and come back later in the day. Of their big rides, they had malfunctions that day on 4 of them that we know of.

Because of my friends’ business, we were able to get discounted tickets. This didn’t make it any less frustrating, but if we’d paid full price to get into the park, and the rides were constantly out of services, I’d be really mad.

So, the gum. My son, whom I love more than air, is turning 13 next month. I’ve been told by parents of teenagers that boys tend to get a little ditzy when the hormones kick in. So far, we really haven’t had to deal with that much, but I know it’s only a matter of time. We rode a roller coaster called Wild Fire. It’s a HUGE coaster on the side of a mountain that does at least two corkscrews. Being an almost teenage boy, he thought it would be funny to spit his gum out on one of the corkscrews. Yeah, I know. So when we get off the ride, he tells me he’s done this, and that it bounced off his foot & disappeared. Great. That’s just charming. Later in the day, we decided to give Outlaw Run another try. After another 45 minutes of waiting, finally, they get to ride (I passed on it, having dealt w/vertigo and not wanting to take a chance of setting it off). When everyone makes their way to me, our friends daughter announced that my son had sat in someone’s gum. Hmmm, really? I think I know whose gum it is! And yes, it was melted to the shorts between his legs. He removed as much as he could and we carried on.

That night, the kids played tag & hide & seek outside our friends apartment. Did you know that high grass hides things like chiggers, burrs and spiders? Yep, everyone had bug & chigger bites on them the next day. My son still has burrs on his socks that I’m going to let him remove.

Sunday morning we hit one of the family fun centers and the Wild Woody! Go carts are so much fun! The Wild Woody is built of wood and has a spiral tower, kind of like a parking structure. Super fun, I was hoping my daughter would be able to drive, but not on the Woody, she rode with me. She was able to drive on one of the other courses. it was her first time, she’s nearly 10, and the look of concentration on her face was priceless! She wasn’t going to let the cart get the best of her! She kept having to shake her hands because she was white-knuckling the steering wheel!

We made our way home after a quick visit and were so glad we were able to go, even for a quick trip. It is really our only vacation this summer, so I’m glad it was fun!

What about your summer? Seen any wolves or found any mysterious gum on your shorts?

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I know. I know. I KNOW!! I’m a slacker! But I have a good reason for being one, it’s called summer! We’ve been very busy and there’s been lots of stuff going on around here. And I mean ALOT. I’ve got several posts in the queue, but I have to upload the photos.  See, I’m told you like to see photos w/my posts, so I can’t very well publish without them, can I? Or can I? Hmmm, you know that is a thought….Nah. I know you want to see the pictures of my Slow Melt Mix and Match Pudding Pops. Or my super easy Pesto. See what I mean? Or my visit to St Louis and Marine week. Marines are good.

But, until then, I have family coming in from out of town, a child in day camp 20 min away, a husband working his tail off and a daughter who seems to need all of my attention in between times. So, from the bottom of my heart, I ask that you forgive my temporary lapses in sanity and posting and I promise I’ll try to do better next week!

In the meantime, I wish you a Happy 4th of July! Be safe, enjoy your holiday, eat way too much, watch other people’s money go up in flames and come back to visit me next week! God bless America!

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Observations from the public swimming pool 2011

Today we made our first visit to our local swimming hole, I mean pool. It’s a really nice pool, compared to the one when i was growing up. The public pool available when i was growing up was an indoor pool that was also used for the high school swim team. It was filled with noisy obnoxious kids who had no place else to go in the sweltering heat. Today, the public pool has a beach entry, two diving boards, a kiddie pool, a splash pad, and two, count’em TWO water slides! it’s amazing!

Today’s version of people watching was not as interesting as the past, it wasn’t crowded. Which is a good thing, it was a perfect pool day: not too hot, not too crowded, and the water was still refreshing. Sometimes later in the summer, after too many days of 100+ to count, the water begins to feel like bath water. Call me crazy, but I’m not in for the public baths.

I realized today that if I did choose to wear a bikini again, I probably wouldn’t look as bad in it as I thought I would! I think the key is confidence and not caring what anyone thinks!

Anytime a guy just a bit older than me calls me ‘ma’am’ and asks me for the time, I need to get my hair done!

For all of those kids there, I don’t remember seeing many of them using the restroom, which makes me thankful for chlorine

Tattoos, the arm band type, don’t make a young guy look tough. I’m not even sure they make him look cool.

Like last time, there were tattoos on many people. There was a woman who looked like she could kick my husband’s ass, who had many in various locations, including on her neck (shudder). And then there was one that made me kind of giggle. You see name tattoos in essentially any spot, arm, neck, chest. The woman sitting on the chair next to me had “Wayne’ tattooed on herself. It was the location she chose that made me laugh. I think it was the ‘I love you, but not THAT much’ it was on her foot, close to where the toes bend.

I’ve heard it said that tan fat looks better than pale, white fat. While that may be true, I think some people should look in a mirror before leaving their house for the pool. There are some things in this world we are just not meant to see!

If your very small child of maybe 3 or 4 yrs, cannot swim, he will not, and I repeat NOT learn to swim by making him jump off the diving board in 12ft of water and encouraging him to swim to you. Nor will he learn to swim while trying to catch you in the shallows as you walk away from him watching the water slowly cover his head, and telling him to keep coming toward you. That makes you look like a total jerk and will only serve to traumatize said child.

When playing catch with a wadded up t-shirt, you’d better have good aim, because if you hit me again, I’m going to hold you under the water til you cry for your mama!

Every time we arrive after opening, the only chairs left are the wonky ones missing straps so my butt falls thru. You’d think I’d learn better!

Here’s hoping that next year, we have a pool of our own to enjoy. And if my children dare to even think of using the bathroom in it, they will be banished!

How do you spend your hot summer days?

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Get the Funk out!

Hey friends. Just wanted to drop a shorty short note and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you! I forgot my phone number, my address and my kid’s birthday, but not about you! Ha ha! just kidding, mostly.

We are just winding up our school year and it’s crazy how it seems to go faster the closer we get to the end. I don’t get it, it never seemed to work that way when I was a kid!

I’m also dealing with some feelings of nostalgia. A funk, really. My son, my oldest, my most precious first-born is finishing elementary school today. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. They have been wonderful years and they’re coming to an end. Next year he’s in middle school. And on top of that, we’re putting him in a private middle school, which is um, less than appealing to him. The public school in our district is a very good school, my problem with it is the fact that 14 elementary schools come together in one building for a class of approximately 1100 kids, PER GRADE. In one building. Yeah, can you say ginormous? We don’t want him to fall thru the cracks or feel like he’s not worthy or good enough. The school we’re putting him in has 35 kids in the 5th grade right now, in two classes. It goes thru 8th grade and then feeds to one of three private high schools. It has been a very difficult decision to come to and it’s a serious commitment for the next 7 years and beyond. I think the part of it that’s the hardest for me, besides the end of elementary school, is seeing him unhappy. He so does not want to go. One of his classmates will be going to this school, and he knows a few other kids there (it’s connected to our church in the way that Catholic schools are part of a parish I guess) so it won’t be a sea of unfamiliar faces. I think the reality’s setting in and it’s a major change. Even though I’ve told him it will be a major change either way. Agh, it’s tough being a parent sometimes.

And of course, in the midst of all of these mixed emotions, some numbnuts computer genius managed to get his stupid malware virus on my laptop, so it’s at the IT guy’s right now getting a thorough cleaning. Grr. If those ppl would use their brains for good, think about what a world we’d live in!

So, please forgive me for not posting any new recipes for a bit. I’ll be back next week with some delicious offerings. Think about roasted Vidalia onions, tomatillo salsa verde, and Tuscan chicken to name a few. Come back next week and see what’s new!


Oh yeah!

Did you know that when you walk 11,000 steps in a day, your feet get really tired? Ha! neither did I, until today! I have been working a book fair at my children’s school and it involves a lot of walking and being on my feet. I broke out the pedometer yesterday, just for grins and giggles. Yesterday I hit over 9,000. Not too bad. Considering a couple of weeks ago, my daily total was probably about 50! Well, maybe a little more than that, but not much. 

Wanna know something else? 11,000+ steps equates to over 7 miles. That will help burn off those extra lbs I packed on in my fervor to add extra insulation for our unusually cold winter (that lasted all of two weeks)!  Or maybe it was my ardent love of baking. Hm. Either way, means my jeans don’t fit me properly after. But, today, they did fit better. Not as well as I’d like, but better, and I’ll take that!

And, you’ll be soooo happy to hear, I’ve been able to maintain 1400  to 1500 calories a day and I think my body’s getting used to it. Here’s why I’m thinking that. I don’t feel like I want to chew the finish off the table…all the time! Oh, and I got on the scale today and I think I”m down 3lbs.  Eat less, move more is working for me!

I do have another tool that’s helping me remain honest. A food log. I write down everything I eat. What’s better, I’m doing it online on It’s free and I enter everything that I eat and it tracks the calories. Then I enter the exercise I’ve done, including things like grocery shopping and showering, because they do burn calories.  Then I get a total at the end of the day, whether I”m over or under on my calories. It’s pretty cool. It tells me how many calories I need to eat to lose, maintain, or gain weight from my present weight. I don’t know many who WANT to gain weight, but it’s there.

Here’s to this being not just a ‘diet’, but a lifestyle change. To be more conscious of what I’m eating and what I”m doing all the time, and teaching my children how to eat better as well. And the upside, I plan on rocking my shorts this summer! And who knows, I may even brave a bikini, but let’s not go shopping just yet!


You know it’s summer when….

The forecast includes daytime high temps in the mid 90’s and you get excited about it!

You jump into a beautiful sparkling blue swimming pool expecting some relief from the heat, but instead feel like you’re in  a community bathtub and look around for the soap!

The sound of cicadas almost overpowers the constant droning of air conditioners on overload.

No matter how badly she needs to use the bathroom, the dog refuses to go outside b/c it’s just too freaking hot!

You give up using the stove to cook and instead just use the sidewalk or hood of the car!

In the evening, after the sun has gone down, you think it’s ‘not too bad out’, even though the temp is still in the mid 90’s.

The bank time and temp reads:  1:03, 205F! And it doesn’t surprise you because it really feels like that!

The best return on investment you’ve gotten in a long time is the hours of fun your children have had with the $9 slip and slide. (Remember those? you slide on the plastic tarp into a mud hole at the end? not any more, ours is way upscale! It’s got a pillow at the end that fills with water and sprinkles it into a little pool at the end. How cool is that?! But if you run fast enough, you’ll still slide off the end into a mudhole. Don’t know which they like more!

You can’t seem to keep enough icy pops or ice cream in the house.

You’ve only just showered and walk out the front door and instantly feel like you need another!

The beautiful garden tub that you couldn’t live without six months ago, sits full of dust bunnies and dirty clothes because the last thing you want right now is a HOT bath!

It looks like fall because the trees are turning colors and dropping leaves from the heat.

You save some money because you don’t need hair products for a ponytail!

Even the cold tap water is lukewarm.

You thank God each and every day for giving us the genius who invented air conditioning and marvel at how anyone could have possibly lived without it!


Observations from the swimming pool

It’s hot this summer. Stick-your-head-in-the-oven hot. For years I was convinced that I didn’t want a swimming pool unless we could afford the pool boy to go with it. Well, a few weeks of a heat index hovering in the 450F range will change your mind pretty quickly! but since we aren’t movie-star rich, for now we’ll just have to settle for a visit to our local city pool. 

It’s so much nicer than the pool we had when I was growing up. It doubled as the high school swim team pool, so it was set up with locker rooms and bleachers. It was enclosed and the noise levels in there would reach  the ear bleed level the minute it opened. Our public pool is really nice, it has the gradual, beach like entry, two slides, two diving boards, a kiddy pool and a splash pad. See what I mean! We love it! Yesterday I loaded my pair and a spare to hit the crystal clear coolness for a fun afternoon.

Ok, first I just have to say, the only coolness you get at this point in time is if you let yourself bake and get really toasty and then jump in. Otherwise, it’s bath water. I”m almost surprised they weren’t handing out bars of soap on the way in!

I really like people watching and this is another good place to do that. Here are a few of my observations.

A guy sporting tattoos, nipple piercings and a beer belly, well, I don’t know exactly what to say. Kind of like a car wreck, you don’t want to look at him, but you can’t seem to look away.

The farther you are from high school, the younger the lifeguards look. I always thought they were so mature and grown-up. Ha ha! Yeah, for teenagers I guess!

You want your kids to stop spitting water on each other, and you, all you have to do is have them look around and see how many little kids are around and how many of them actually use the restrooms. Bet they don’t spit water any more!

If you’re saving a chair for someone, or just using the chair yourself, you need to put something on it, not just pull it closer to the chair with your junk on it, otherwise people like me are going to try to use it! Don’t get crabby when we do, k?

“Adult swim’ is ridiculous. The first 15 min of every hour, they blow the whistles and kick the kids out of the pool for  and adults only swim time. Stupid, really, I don’t think there were any adults there without children. HULLO, pool people! We don’t need adult swim time! We bring our kids to swim, we know they’re there! don’t call it adult swim when you really want it to be ‘snack bar break time’!

If you haven’t been in the sun all summer, use sunscreen, lots of it! And don’t forget to turn over! I saw one mom who was red on the front and white on the back. That’s no fun, and, well, not a good look! She looked like a half cooked hamburger!

If you’re older than about 20, a teeny, weeny, string bikini is hard to pull off.

Tattoos are everywhere! Man, I knew it had become really popular, but wow. The things you see on people are really incredible and odd. I could understand maybe your children’s b-day or something that’s really personal and sentimental like that. butterfly wings on your shoulder blades? A parrot on your hip? Barbwire around your bicep to make you look really tough (while eating a lollipop, chugging beer).  I thought once a very long time ago about maybe getting one. Long before they became so ubiquitous. But then I started thinking ahead, you remember I’ve told you about my brain vacations. I thought about when I’m an old granny lady and how they would look on skin like my grandmother’s, all wrinkled and hanging loose off my body. EEEWWW. And my loving grandchildren asking me what was the big dark blob on shoulder/hip/ankle. it makes me shudder just thinking of it! Two of my best friends have them, in very private and inconspicuous locations. That’s their gig. Not for me, thanks!

One more thing. If you are at a swimming pool with children, you are going to get wet, so just deal with it! It really makes me shake my head when I see the mom with the hair/makeup perfect getting upset because someone splashed her. Really? You are at a public swimming pool and don’t want to get wet? You are so in the wrong place!

Oh yeah, we just realized school’s starting in about a month! I don’t know if I should be sad that summer’s nearly over, or jumping with joy because it’s nearly over!


I’m on a mission and I need some help!

It’s summer and  with two children out of school for nearly three months in sweltering heat, we have to be creative with activities to stay busy. I’ve been very fortunate this year in that we were on vacation for the first week and a half. And then, a week later, my mom and stepdad took my children camping for 4 days. Thankfully, that has seriously cut down on the cries of ‘I’m bored!’ and I haven’t even heard it from my kids yet! No, really, mine don’t do that, they’ve learned better! Any time those two words come from them, they know they will be marched to their rooms to clean, or to the back yard for doody duty, or the bookshelf for some quality one on one time with some real characters. I’m so thankful they don’t do that often.

Now my challenge is to find fun things for us to do that don’t involve sitting in front of the tv or video games all day. So, here’s what we’ve done so far:

1. went to a movie (that’s kind of a gimme. Who doesn’t want to go to a movie when it’s bloody hot out?)

2. Went to the library and picked up some new books.

3. Went to Blockbuster and picked a couple of movies.

4. Visited our local aquarium and marveled at all of the diversity of life under the water.

5. Tried a new ice cream place. Well, it’s really frozen yogurt and really good, but stupid expensive! $16 for ice cream/frozen yummy treat for myself and a 9yo and a 6yo is pretty steep in my book! Good, but next time we’ll share!

6. Went swimming. Another gimme. Seriously wishing now that we had a pool and seriously considering begging and pleading with my dear sweet wonderful husband to let me put a pool in for next summer!  I used to say I didn’t want one until we could afford the pool boy to clean it, but I think I’m slowly coming around to the frame of mind that a pool would be something good to have!

7. Visited a park at dusk and caught fireflies. That was really so fun watching my daughter. They were like glitter in the edge of the woods and just make me smile to see them.

8. Went bowling with friends. I’ve signed my children up with a program called Kids Bowl Free, sign up the children and they get free bowling, 2 games a day, all summer. You still have to rent the shoes, but it’s an inexpensive and active way to spend a scorching afternoon. Check them out here there are bowling centers all over the country that participate.

9. Made yogurt pudding pops. They are really disgusting, my first attempt I think is a complete failure, thankfully my daugther thinks they’re fab!

10. Went to the drive-in theater, watched both movies and ate so much popcorn we were all sick!

11. Cleaned out my daughter’s drawers and decided what to donate and what to sell. This coming after she wore a skirt that would be considered obscene if she were but 10 years older!

12. Picked ripe grape tomatoes from our very own little plant.

13. Signed up for the reading programs at Border, Barnes & Noble and our library.

Things we have not done yet, but plan to:

Visit our two local museums, take a walk and see how many letter of the alphabet we can knock out by finding things that start with that letter. Hit our local waterpark. Find some fun craft things to make from one of our craft stores. I’ve also found some fun things at our local library, they have fun free events for all ages planned all summer. Go to a pottery store and paint something.

If you have any great ideas for children of elementary school age, please do share! What is it you like to do with your children over the summer?  I need help people!

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Do you live in a sauna? Check out this awesome summer cooking tip!

Ok, so I live in the midwest, Oklahoma to be specific. If you have never been here, it really is beautiful. It’s very green and lush with rolling hills and friendly people. And for those of you wondering if we still ride horses, drive wagons and play cowboy and Indian for real, well, I hate to be the one to burst  that bubble, but we don’t. Another newsflash, as long as Im’ in the bubble bursting mode, we have cable, electricity, and hot water too! In fact, I remember the day we got MTV, way back in the day when they actually had MUSIC on, ahem, MUSIC television.

One thing we have for sure is incredibly hot summers. Our weather can go from one extreme to the other. Seriously, weeks of ice and snow on the ground with wind chills in the single-digits in winter (I know, it’s much worse in other parts of the country, but I”m a cold weather weenie!). Summers, the norm is temps in the upper 90’s to 100’s during the day with humidity in the sauna range, making it feel like the 7th ring of hell! for three months I thank God and the genius who invented the air conditioner, because without A/C, there’s no way I’d survive!

Needless to say, temps in the range of 3000F don’t make me want to use my oven, so I”m always looking for ways to use my grill. Oh, my lovely grill, but you know, there’s just so many dogs, burgers,  and chicken I can cook before it becomes kind of boring.  I think I can cook just about anything on the grill and now I’ve found something else to cook on it and I”m soooo happy! Pizza! Yup. I’ve heard of people doing it, but I thought it was more of the fresh variety and what I wanted to put on there is frozen.  I found a blog by a control freak who ‘splained it for me! You can check her out here, she’s got great tips and recipes and is just a freaking funny chick! I’d love to have her at one of my parties! She thinks like I do, but the difference is I’ve given up trying to control my chaos and just go with it most of the time.

So, here’s what the control freak had to say about grilling a pizza.  Cook it on low heat and keep an eye on it. if your grill has a higher rack, so much the better. I put a sheet of heavy-duty foil under my frozen pizza, as my grill grates are in serious need of a cleaning after the burgers I made earlier this week. The bottom of my pizza got kind of scorchy, which I promptly scraped off, since my children dont’ eat anything remotely burnt! But otherwise turned out well. I will definitely do this again. I love anything that makes my life a little easier!

***UPDATE*** Well, although the black was not on the entire pizza and I did my best to scrape it off, neither of my children wanted anything to do with it! My son took a bite, didn’t even chew it, didn’t even totally bite it off before loudly proclaiming how terrible it was! It didn’t upset me, I was kind of expecting it but hoping for a different result. This little speed bump won’t stop me from trying it again, next time I’ll just do a better job of watching it so we don’t have the issue with a charcoal-flavored pizza!