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The BEST way to lose a job (or not get one)

I don’t consider myself to be hard-nosed most of the time. What I am is a stickler for professional behavior though. My dad instilled that in me at a young age. When you want to be treated as a professional, you must behave as a professional. Especially while on the job. When you’re at home is, of course, a different story.

You may have read my posts about our kitchen reno project. I don’t expect a lot, I do expect you to do what you tell me you will do. Sometimes it’s not a miracle you can perform, I just expect you to deliver on what you promised to do when I agreed to have you do the work. Very simple.

Yesterday, we had an appointment for a granite guy to come and measure our kitchen and give us a bid on replacing our countertops with granite. Am I excited at the prospect? Heck yeah I am. So when he didn’t show yesterday, ALL DAY, and didn’t call, I was disappointed and unhappy. I told my husband that if he behaves this way when he’s coming to bid the job, that is how he’s going to treat us when he’s doing the job, and that’s not impressive at all. At nearly 8PM last night I got tail-between-the-legs email from him apologizing and giving me his song and dance about being caught on a job and not remembering our appointment until then! So what, I hire you and you forget about our job? Uh uh, no way mister. I am totally turned off by him and he will not be bidding on our kitchen. I’d rather live a little longer with my laminate than deal with someone who is so unprofessional. My husband’s argument is well, at least he sent an email. Well, he did do that, in an effort to salvage a potential job. I’m sorry, that’s not enough.  This is an investment that I don’t take lightly, neither does my husband, and I”m not going to take a chance just because he claims to be the cheapest. He may also be the worst ever!

So, my friends in the contracting business, you probably already know this but to lose a job, or not get one, just be unprofessional, miss your appointments, give excuses when the person who has hired you points out things that need to be corrected and that’ll do it for you. Mostly. Not everyone is like me, I know. I do believe in second chances, in certain circumstances. When I don’t know you from Joe Schmo (no disrespect to Mr. Schmo), the only chance you get is the first one, so do your best to impress. You know what they say about first impressions, if yours is bad, don’t expect to make a second one!