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Quick & Easy Power Breakfast

Since I’ve been focusing on lifestyle changes, I haven’t shared many recipes, so I’m here today to share with you one of my favorite power breakfasts that is quick, easy, low cal and packed with protein. Do you remember the part about my love affair with bread? No? Well, just in case you missed it, I would marry it if I could I love it so. Really, I would. I could live on bread alone, fresh warm bread. MMMM with butter, without butter, I don’t care. Bagels are bread, so you can guess my feelings about them. The problem, bagels are high calorie. A single bagel can be upwards of 350 calories. That’s equal to nearly 5 slices of bread! imagine my joy when I found ‘bagel thins’. They’re fantastic because you get the essential parts of the bagel, it’s like they’ve cut the middle out and left the outside edges for our dining pleasure! We can totally fake out our brains, get a taste of the bagel for 1/3 the calories! I’m giddy!

You can pre-make the eggs and just nuke and assemble for a meal in a minute. I saw a great gadget at Bed Bath & Beyond, it was a non-stick ring w/a handle on it so you can make your eggs in a circle, kinda like they do at the fast food Mickey D’s. then you’ve got the eggs in the perfect size and shape. Which, in theory, would also allow you to make several at a time and refrigerate them for use in a day or two.


Breakfast to go

1 bagel thin  – 110Cal    6g protein
1 whole egg plus one egg white 70 cal-whole egg + 17 cal-egg white=87 cal    10g protein
4 slices deli ham – 60 cal   9g protein
1 slice swiss cheese – 60 cal  4g protein

TOTAL= 317 calories  29g protein

Scramble the egg/egg white in a skillet, salt to taste, or nuke pre-cooked egg. Toast the bagel while the eggs are cooking/nuking.

Layer ham, cheese, eggs on the bagel. If you put the ham on first, the cheese won’t melt and fall out the hole. Yep, found that one out the hard way!

If you don’t think you have time in the AM to do it all, with the pre-cooked eggs, you can just assemble it on your way out the door!

Not too shabby huh? It’s great, it’s filling, it will stick with you til lunch. If you want to shave a few calories off and make it under 300 cal, omit the cheese.

When you try it, let me know what you think!


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Lemony tuna salad

I know, sounds kinda strange, but shouldn’t sound too off, I mean how many people do you know who squeeze lemon on their fish? This is kind of like that, but came from my desire to change my eating habits this year and shake off some of these extra lbs that have managed to find me again. I mean I lost them once, a long time ago, I have no idea how the little buggers found me again!

Part of my changes will be making swaps. Swapping foods that are high in fat and/or calories for something that is better for me, but still tastes good. I know, it may not be possible all the way around, but I”m going to give it my best! Any time you can swap out mayo for a healthier alternative, I”m all for it.

Ok, here’s what I did:

1 can tuna in water, drained

2 tbsp plain Greek yogurt

1 tsp lemon pepper

salt and pepper to taste

Mix all together in a bowl and eat with salad, whole wheat crackers, or on a 100 calorie thin sandwich bun for a healthy protein packed lunch.

Calories: 1 can tuna 5 oz = 100 calories  + 2 tbsp Greek yogurt 10 calories= 110 calories. Paired with fresh green salad and some baby carrots, and you have a great protein and fiber packed lunch that will get you through most of the afternoon!



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