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No Resolutions For Me, Thanks, I’ve Had My Shots

I have never really done ‘resolutions’ for New Year’s. No one sticks with them beyond January 2 anyway, so why bother, right? I prefer to rather set goals for myself, goals that I can actually achieve. One year, I promised myself to get more organized. I bought bins to sort things into and did it. The question is have I managed to stay organized? Well, that’s a terrible habit I’ve fallen back into, unfortunately. For the past few years I’ve set myself a deadline to finish my novel, and there’s a reason you haven’t seen my name on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, because poor Eliza is still languishing on my hard drive, waiting for me to finish her story. I’ve got it all up here, I just haven’t gotten it in print yet. I plan to, but….sometimes life gets in the way. Can you relate?

So, here are my realistic goals for the New Year:

Exercise at least 5 times a week, be it walking with a friend, walking my dog, whatever. anything that doesn’t involve sitting on a couch or in my car.

Organize all of the recipes I have taken out of magazines that are currently residing in large manila envelopes, into a file  folder, by category.

Lose the extra poundage I put on over the summer when it was too bloody hot to exercise outside and the holidays when there were too many cookies and cakes just laying about my house and I wouldn’t allow them to go bad.

Get a part-time job that will allow me to earn some extra income for my family, and at the same time be at home when I need to be at home.


There you go. those are my goals, not resolutions, because I plan on sticking to these and reaching them. What about you? Do you even do the whole resolution thing? Do you make any changes to mark the new year?


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Don’t call me a crybaby!

Alright, alright. I heard what you said. Oh, and don’t pretend you didn’t say it, I totally heard it and I know who you are….You said, ‘suck it up and stop being a crybaby. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, did they?’

Yeah, I know, losing weight isn’t for wimps. It’s tough. If it was easy, we’d all be thin and fit, right? The easy way out is to just sit here and cry in my latte about how hard it is. WAAAAH. Yeah, suck it up and get off your arse and just do it already!

Geez, people! Get off my back! I get it! Really, I do. In fact, rather than sitting here being a flabby, squishy, crybaby, today, I did something I’ve only done a couple of times before: an exercise DVD.  Jillian Michaels “30 Day Shred’. You know, I’ve been exercising and doing stuff every day. Yesterday I walked just under 3 miles in 30 minutes. I was hoofing it. So when i started it, I was a bit cocky thinking, ‘I got this.’ Yeah, right. Now I know why the people on ‘The Biggest Loser’ hate her!  She really makes you work for it and won’t let you slack off. In that 20 minutes, I think I got the best work out, the hardest work out that I’ve had in years! An hour later, my legs still felt like noodles!

So, like she said, it isn’t easy. It takes work. So, I’m gonna give it a shot. There is no crying in exercise/weight loss. So…here I go. Sucking it up and getting it done! And one of the things I noticed this afternoon after, I was not hungry in the least, I didnt’ get my late afternoon munchies like normal (which is my downfall). How awesome is that??


I give up…

Yes, there. I said it. I give up. I wrote about my weight loss goal and how well I’d been doing early on, as in before our trip and spring break. I suppose I’m coming to the conclusion it’s just not going to happen. No matter what I do, how hard I work, or how little I eat (ha!) it’s just not happening. I think I like food too much. 

I’m not going to totally give up, though. I’m not going to just eat everything in sight. I will pay attention to what I’m eating and when. I’m still exercising regularly, and will continue trying to be balanced. So far this week, I’ve walked 5 miles and plan on walking at least 2 more today and do some other things to get more movement into my life. I would be thrilled if it just fell off and I didn’t even expect it to! Maybe I’ll go about it that way, just eat healthier and exercise more and then BAM! sort of like when I found my honey. I wasn’t looking for him, and WHAMMO! there he was.

So, there’s the end of my saga, my goal. When I do manage to shed it, I’ll share it with you. Thanks for playing.


Wagon? What wagon? Where?

Where is this stupid wagon that I seem to have fallen off of and why can’t I get back on it?  I was so thrilled I’d been doing so well sticking to my eating plan. I’d lost about 3lbs. I know it was probably mostly water, but still, it’s nice to see on the scale.

And then, dun dun dunnnnn, we went away for the weekend and ate at all my favorite places. I think my eating plan got sucked out the window between here and there, b/c when we got back home, those 3lbs I’d managed to lose, they found me. Then last week I had some really weird stomach bug that gave me all sorts of strange symptoms. Normally, the whole stomach bug is an easy, albeit unpleasant, way to drop a couple. But I think once I was over it, I must’ve made up for the days I spent eating chicken soup, or nothing at all. 

This week is spring break. Our weather yesterday was horrible, not spring break-type weather at all. Cold, cloudy and damp. All I wanted to do was bake cookies. I didn’t do it, but I was perilously close! It seems I’ve picked up that bad habit again of grazing late in the day and not moving enough.

Ugh. Where is this wagon anyway? I’ve got to get back on it! this week will be tough, but I am going to do my best to eat well and stay away from the junk food and the late afternoon snacking and next Monday, I’m so on it! I will be feeling fine and have no kids home needing to be entertained.

Wish me luck! I think I can, I think I can…..