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So tell me, what does your dream kitchen look like? I bet it has nothing to do with peeling/chipping paint, boring colors or outdated and ugly hardware, does it? Guess what! My dream kitchen didn’t include any of those either, but that was what I had.  And after much hinting, whining, and overall complaining about the state of  my kitchen, hubby finally caved!

It started at a home show….

Notice the worn paint and ugly hardware?

We found a company that refinishes cabinets for much less than it would cost to do what I wanted to do.  To be honest, I wanted to rip out the cabinets and start all over, but, well, since we are not movie star rich, we had them refinished and repaired. Then installed new hardware, whaddaya think?

Looks brand new!


Now the really BIG part. The countertops were a really boring, cream colored laminate. Everything in the kitchen sort of just blended together and was, yawn, dull.

My lovely, long counter. We have fantastic parties here!

And the drumroll please………

TOTALLY different!

It looks like a completely different place now! And that lonely door I showed you before, w/the peeling paint and bad hardware….

IDK if it comes thru but the colors of the backsplash and hardware are in the granite.

So….that was my Christmas present! Lucky I love cooking! I am a happy girl to spend my whole day in there cooking away! And now since it’s crazy cold and snowing outside, I suppose it’s time to get busy!


I’m (no longer) dreaming, of a new kitchen…..

Wish I could do music notes on here and I would’ve put them in the title! I am so excited! My kitchen is finally done and when I get it cleaned up tonight, I’ll take some pics and share them with you. Right now it’s quite a mess, I’m expressing my inner Betty Crocker today and baking some pumpkin bread and then my husband’s requested cookies, and then, well, it’ll be dinner time.  Have I told you my thinking when it comes to baking? Just in case you missed it, or I forgot to tell, if you haven’t made a mess of the kitchen, you’re not doing it right! Needless to say, I would much rather share photos of my Christmas gift when it’s all clean and shiny!  So check back later tonight or tomorrow and you’ll see what it was and what it is now! Yay!