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Aw Shucks

on August 1, 2012

So my mom calls me up and says ‘Do you eat fresh corn on the cob?’
‘Um well, will chocolate cure all the ills of the world? YEAH I do! Why?’

‘I’ve just found a trick that you will love.’

And she proceeds to tell me about it, so here we are, sharing more cool kitchen tips.

Wanna eat that fresh corn, but hate shucking it? Me too. And pulling off all the little silky strings.

Check this out. You will be amazed and astounded.

1. Take your ear of fresh corn and cut off the stalk end until you see kernels.

2. Place entire ear of corn in the microwave for 3-1/2 to 4 minutes, depending on the power of your microwave.

3. Put on oven mitt and grab the corn by the silk end, move it over a plate/bowl/container and give a good shake. The ear of corn falls straight out, no silk, no peeling!

4. DERP. I totally left out the main part, COOKING it! The microwaving part almost parboils, or partially cooks the corn. So the actual cooktime will be reduced, but you can cook it whatever your preferred method is.

Me being me, I had to give it a go myself. I love getting all these cool tips from different people. The first one I did, I was impatient and took it out at 3-1/2 minutes and it was ready, the only problem was that I hadn’t cut off quite enough of the end, so I had to trim a bit more. Brilliant! It totally worked. The next time, rather than doing a single ear, I put two in, I’m impatient, remember? I put in two ears and set the timer for 6 minutes, and took them out at 5-1/2. Voila! It worked perfectly!

Next time, I”ll definitely do this. If you give it a go, let me know how it works for you.

4 responses to “Aw Shucks

  1. This sounds crazy! Next time I have a microwave I’m trying it!

    • I know Jed, it totally sounds really crazy, which is why I had to give it a go! It really does work. It wasn’t quite as easy as the tomato peeling trick, you have to get it cut off just right or else you’re just shaking an ear of corn. But it’s really amazing. Getting the silk off is always a pain, but you don’t have to worry about it with this one!

      btw how can you live w/o a microwave? I did it (not by choice) last yr for a few wks & thought I was going to go crazy! I never realized how much I really do use it.

  2. valcitygal says:

    That’s so neat – I’m totally going to try it!! How far up do you have to cut exactly, like cutting up to and including the bottom row of kernels?

    • Thanks! I was really surprised. Yes, you need to cut at least into the bottom row of kernels. I thought i’d cut far enough on a couple of them, but I hadn’t and had to cut more to get the shucks off. Good luck!

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