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What ‘They’ Say Really Is True

on April 24, 2012

I’ll tell you all right now, this has nothing do to with cooking, well, at least not in my kitchen anyway. I try to never believe what ‘they’ say, because, well, who is ‘they’ anyway? is it the same ‘they’ who broke into my friend’s car? Or the same ‘they’ who say you can lose weight by taking a magic pill? Agh, it’s just too much for my tired little brain! I’m not naive and I’m a bit of a skeptic. Yes, I said it. I am, I tend to not believe every bit of info that’s passed my way until I research it to determine the truth or lie behind. Does that make me jaded?

I’ve heard what ‘they’ say about men and women not able to simply be friends. I never believed it. I mean, I’ve had many friendships with guys whom I didn’t try to put the moves on. But for some reason, I thought in my maturity (40something) things might have changed. Yep, I must be deluded.

What I’m about to share with you is a story about fishing, and I suppose the one that got away. I have a friend on Facebook that I’d been friends with in high school. To protect his identity from his wife (who’s an attorney and would kick his ass from here to next year) and my husband (who would then retrieve him from next year and kick his ass into the next galaxy), I’ll call him J. “J” and I occasionally chat on Facebook. Basically the boring junk: how are you, what are the kids up to, what’s going on, that kind of boring junk.

Until yesterday. He went fishing. And it went a little something like this
J: hey
me: hey what?
J: I never see you on here
me: because I”m not. I have a life.
J: do you have my cell?
me: no.
J: do you want it?
me: only if I need it
J: what’s that supposed to mean?
me: what do you mean what’s that supposed to mean?
J: I just thought maybe we could go to lunch.
me: oh, um, well, I don’t know how I feel about that. I think I”d feel kind of awkward going to lunch w/a guy who’s not my hubby.
J: ok, I”m cool w/that. It’s just that every time we run into each other, one’s coming and the other’s going. That’s why I thought it’d be nice to have lunch, we could have an actual conversation.
me: maybe we could all get together, I haven’t really gotten to talk to your wife, I’m sure she’s a really interesting person.

So, the ‘fishing’ expedition, yeah, landed a big fat nothing. I never really liked fishing, and I definitely don’t like it when I’m the catch of the day, and it’s not my hubby on the other end of that line! And I suppose it really is true what they say, men and women can’t just be friends. It’s not about women not being friends w/the guys. It’s the guys who can’t just be friends. And guys, I think you understand what I’m saying. Ladies, don’t believe he can just be your friend, b/c secretly I think he’s plotting and planning his attack.

2 responses to “What ‘They’ Say Really Is True

  1. I wouldn’t say your incorrect, but there are decent guys out there who know what the line is and won’t cross it…myself included. Sorry to hear that your friend decided to go fishing instead of respecting your friendship.

    • Thanks J. I always believed there are good guys out there, and really thought him to be part of that crowd. I guess it just goes to show that you never really know. And the funny thing is the more I think about it, the madder I get, that he thought so little of me that I’d even consider something untoward with anyone, let alone him. He’s no friend of mine any more.

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