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Observations from a Driver on the Street

on January 27, 2012

Hello again, my friends. I wanted to take a break from the lifestyle posts and share some of my recent observations. Just a quick word on my current location. I’m in a city in the midwest (or south central, it’s been described both ways) population about 500,000 of the craziest hillbilly drivers you’ve ever seen. Although, on a trip to Cozumel, I did see things I”ve never seen anywhere else. For example, a flat-bed Nissan pick-up with plastic lawn chairs in the back, Cozumelino taxi? Or on the same trip, we rented the worst POS we’d ever been in, neither of the seatbelts worked, the windows almost rolled up, the sunroof was permanently retracted which would be a problem in the case of a sudden downpour, and the brakes kinda sorta almost worked. It was fun and frightening all at once! We were driving the one road that goes all the way around the island and saw a Nissan Sentra with about 9 ppl packed inside! I’m all for ride sharing and all, I’m just happy it wasn’t me piled in that can of sardines on wheels!

I will tell you now, some of these things are not only what I see, but are serious, true pet peeves of mine. The kind that drive me to swear like a sailor (only in the absence of little ears).

Today, was really idiots on the road day. Twice today, on the same 1 mile stretch of road, I was witness to some really astonishing displays of the lack of brains and common sense required for a driver’s license. TWICE.

In the morning, I was driving east on an arterial street taking my son to school. We were sitting at an intersection waiting for the light to change when an older Range Rover (going north) blasts through the intersection and instantly slams on the brakes in the middle of the intersection, just as the left turn arrow for the left turn lane on my street turned green. As I’m shaking my head and kindly asking this person what the H-E-double hockey sticks he was doing, he proceeds to slam the car into reverse and go back to where he should’ve stopped. I’m thinking why on earth is this knucklehead doing this? Why didn’t he just totally blow the light and keep going? Then I saw why. It was a cop car, in the lane beside said knucklehead. Dude drove past a cop to run a light, but thought better of it and stopped and only halfway ran it. Hmmm, I wonder, do you get a ticket if you only halfway run a light? As we drove past, i saw windows down and words being exchanged. It was all I could do to shut off my rubber neck instinct to see what was going to happen. Alas, I will never know, damned school start times!

later in the day, on my way to pick my boy up from school, more idiocy. I suppose I must point out two things: it’s the last Friday of the month, and this street is about a mile, maybe less, from the nearest police station. Although I saw more police vehicles today than I’ve seen in months. Sorry, so we’re on our way to pick up my boy, half mile from the intersection of the previous display of no-brainers on parade when I see a motorcycle cop w/a car stopped. Except this idiocy goes in two parts. The car that got busted, rather than driving the 50 ft to turn onto a residential street and get off the main arterial street and out of traffic, this knucklehead stops, in the lane of traffic. I know, i know. I have a feeling, I’m not the only one who was cussing him. It was in the opposing direction, so it didn’t slow me down at all. anyway, I’m assuming the cop told the dipstick to drive on and turn the corner because as people were just beginning to go around them, they started to move. Are you ready, here comes  the kicker. Grampa on his scooter. Yes, he was at least my mother’s age (mid-70’s) driving his scooter in the turn lane….wait for it…..right next to the cop, who was driving in the lane of traffic. He had a look of determination that I’ve seen before, but it normally involves a toilet and intense concentration, if you know what I mean. He was bound and determined he was gonna get past that cop, he was refusing to look over there, as if he could ignore him and he’d go away! when I was passing them, I saw the cop with his head turned toward gramps and once again, there were words being exchanged. Blast it all, school dismissal, once again, I was robbed of seeing the outcome! Oh well, at least it wasn’t me, right?

things that drive me crazy: people who insist on pulling out in front of you….and going…this….slow….when there’s not a blessed soul behind you for at least a quarter mile.

People who drive in the fast lane, going the speed limit.

people who don’t turn off their turn signal, ever. They look like they should be going in a circle, rather than a straight line.

People who ride my bumper, thinking that will make me go faster than the above-the-speed-limit-speed I”m already going.

People who put on their turn signal to turn and slow down, 100 yards before their turn.

People driving in the outside lane on the highway/freeway who won’t move over a lane to let me on, when they totally could (and yes, I do this every time I can, it’s called courtesy).

So….what have you seen lately?

2 responses to “Observations from a Driver on the Street

  1. Over-the-Pond Teacher says:

    I lived in New Mexico last year, and they were the worst drivers I’ve ever seen! Sure, I’ve seen some super crazy stunts in the back woods of Asia and South America, but for the “developed world,” it was horrifying. People blew through lights all the time, and when they put up cameras, the state claimed that it was unconstitutional. The city eventually stopped running them because they were loosing money (no one paid their tickets and no one went after the law breakers). I guess I’m a rule follower because I feel like it makes society run smoother. Probably a good thing I live in Germany now I guess!

  2. Wow! Traffic cameras are unconstitutional, what a waste of time and money. That’s just really shocking, they gave up because the people didn’t care. So much for rules, right? I agree, there are times when rules really do need to be followed, no matter how much we may disagree. Germany sounds lovely. I’ve got another blogger friend there, the pictures she shares are beautiful!

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