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on January 11, 2012

I know, I really hate that particular term which is the favorite of my 11yo son. But to be honest, it’s the best way to describe what happened yesterday. My first attempt at home made banana chips. My daughter has decided she loves banana chips, however, my problem with the ones you buy at the grocery is that they’ve been fried, which really negates any nutritional value they have.

So, me being me, I looked up online how to make them at home, in my oven. I used two freckly bananas. The more freckly they are, the sweeter they are. These were fairly freckled, but still pretty firm, and really, not very sweet. Which should’ve been my first clue they weren’t going to be great.

I sliced them thinly, thinking they’d be nice and crunchy when they’re done. I put them on my stoneware bar pan (aka jelly roll pan) in a 200F oven and set the time for 2 hours. I turned them over and let them go for another hour. When I checked they were still kind of not mushy, but flexible, so I left them in for a while longer. Yea, the longer I left them in, the browner they became.

Did you know when something with sugar in it, like fruit, gets really brown, the sugar is really burned? Uh huh. when I finally gave up on them and took them out of the oven, after many hours, they were still kind of flexible which I found to be curious. When I sampled one….blech! I immediately spat it in the garbage can. Such a disappointment. but what is my kitchen without some mistakes? Will I try again? Absolutely. next time I will try a couple of different things and keep you posted. another thing I want to try is dried apples in the oven. Wish me luck! Otherwise, it’ll be more food for the birds!

4 responses to “EPIC FAIL

  1. Happy New Year DG, sorry your banana chips did not turn out. Would been interesting though. I love me some banana chips. Grew up on them. Dried apple from the oven sounds interesting, but I don’t think it will work. I think you need a special machine to do so. The oven normally suck out the moisture but never completely unless burn.

    I stand corrected I found this pdf that might help:

    • by the way love the new look of your page

      • I think I”ve got the wrong link on my blogroll, that’s why I hadn’t seen you, when I click the link I get the pages about the transylvania castle tour. I’m going to have to catch up on what’s happening in Germany!

    • Thanks! They were so gross! I love banana chips too, just not the way they are made when you buy them at the grocery. I”m looking into a food dehydrator, they can be either inexpensive ($40) to well over $200. I think I’ll start out on the cheaper side, just in case it doesn’t work for me. I’ll let you know how it goes! Glad to hear from you!

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