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No Resolutions For Me, Thanks, I’ve Had My Shots

on December 30, 2011

I have never really done ‘resolutions’ for New Year’s. No one sticks with them beyond January 2 anyway, so why bother, right? I prefer to rather set goals for myself, goals that I can actually achieve. One year, I promised myself to get more organized. I bought bins to sort things into and did it. The question is have I managed to stay organized? Well, that’s a terrible habit I’ve fallen back into, unfortunately. For the past few years I’ve set myself a deadline to finish my novel, and there’s a reason you haven’t seen my name on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, because poor Eliza is still languishing on my hard drive, waiting for me to finish her story. I’ve got it all up here, I just haven’t gotten it in print yet. I plan to, but….sometimes life gets in the way. Can you relate?

So, here are my realistic goals for the New Year:

Exercise at least 5 times a week, be it walking with a friend, walking my dog, whatever. anything that doesn’t involve sitting on a couch or in my car.

Organize all of the recipes I have taken out of magazines that are currently residing in large manila envelopes, into a file  folder, by category.

Lose the extra poundage I put on over the summer when it was too bloody hot to exercise outside and the holidays when there were too many cookies and cakes just laying about my house and I wouldn’t allow them to go bad.

Get a part-time job that will allow me to earn some extra income for my family, and at the same time be at home when I need to be at home.


There you go. those are my goals, not resolutions, because I plan on sticking to these and reaching them. What about you? Do you even do the whole resolution thing? Do you make any changes to mark the new year?


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