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No-melt Mix n Match Pudding Pops

on July 28, 2011

 Anybody else over this heat? Well, if you live in a cooler climate, you can just keep that to yourself! These days, I purposely avoid the weather forecast b/c it just depresses me. Almost as bad as getting on the scale on Jan 2. You know you’ve been bad over the holidays, but getting on that infernal scale only confirms what you already knew.  And since I’ve been doing everything I can to eat and cook kind of without actually cooking, here’s another yummy and fun summer recipe that the kids will love.

We first tried these a couple of years ago and they are fantastic.  Although we love our ice cream, some of us more than the others, it melts really fast and becomes a sticky mess. These pops melt very slowly and are perfect for a hot summer day. My kids enjoy helping me  make them, and the cup you make them in makes a great storage for them if someone needs to stop eating for a minute for whatever reason. I like them because I”m not the one being asked to hold a dripping, gooey ice cream cone or popsicle!

No Melt Mix n Match pudding pops

2 C cold low fat milk

1 pkg instant pudding/pie filling – vanilla or chocolate, or really any flavor you like

6 oreos roughly crushed

1/2 C whipped topping

6 oz paper/plastic cups

wooden sticks or plastic spoons

1. mix the milk and pudding mix

2. stir in the cookies

3. fold in the whipped topping

4. put approximately 1/3 to 1/2 C in each cup. Insert wooden stick/spoon in the center. Place all cups on a cookie sheet and freeze for about 3 hours, or until firm.

5. to release the pops from the cups, roll the cup between your hands for about a minute, just long enough to that is just a bit and loosen the pop from the sides. enjoy!

**Some other add ins/ideas: you could add mini chocolate chips and marshmallows for a rocky road pop.  chocolate & peanut butter chips for a ‘Reese’s’ -like pop. Crushed candy pieces for a candy bar pop. The possibilities are almost endless! Try what you like!

One response to “No-melt Mix n Match Pudding Pops

  1. It is like almost everyone is getting nice weather except for Germany. I had to turn on the heat two weeks ago back on. Not looking forward to see the bill at the end of the year. I like your pudding pops. Growing up my mom use to make popsicle for us. I have to share this recipe with her the next time I visit. I am sure my nieces and nephew would love it!

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