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Go pick your own….

on June 14, 2011

Fruit, that is!  I just found the best way to get fresh fruit, I picked it myself! And I didn’t have the stress or work of growing it.  All I had to do was show up early on a Saturday morning, use one of their buckets and go to town!

Me and my bounty. Yum! Just looking at it makes me hungry for more!

And to town I went! Big time! We (read I) picked 6 lbs, yes, POUNDS of fresh, organically grown blueberries and they are incredible! I wish I’d known about these a long time ago! I”m sure they’ve been around a while, but I”m a little slow on the uptake sometimes!  It was so much fun. My kids, well, they stuck with it for about 15 min (daughter) before asking if it was time for donuts yet. My boy, well, he became the self-appointed ‘sorter’ picking out the ones that were not ripe or removing stems that had accidentally made it into the bucket. Me, well, I couldnt’ stop myself. The people at this farm, Thunderbird, had acres of blueberries planted and it seemed like everywhere I looked there were the beautiful purply-blue berries. It’s a very well tended farm. The rows and plants are nicely spaced so there’s plenty of room to move around between and pick til your heart’s content. Or stuffed full! They also have blackberries and I think raspberries.

Today for the first time I made a blueberry buckle and it was DELISH! I will be making it again, along with blueberry pancakes, muffins, waffles, and anything else I can put them on. And don’t think I’m not eating them by the fistful! by this time next week, I fully intend to be purple! Kind of like the girl on the movie ‘Willy Wonka’! Only not as snotty as she was!

Even though it looks like she's inspecting a berry, she's really pouting and ready for donuts!

There are some farms around here that have peaches, apples,  thornless blackberries, strawberries and other things you can pick yourself. I would highly recommend this for a few reasons.

1. you are supporting your local growers hence your local economy.

2. The produce is incredibly fresh, I mean really, you can’t get much fresher than picking it yourself!

3. It may be organically grown, you can check with the farmer.

4. It cuts down on pollution because it isnt’ shipped to a different state for sale.

5. Because it isnt’ shipped, and they don’t have to pay someone to harvest the fruit, the prices are much cheaper. For instance, at the grocery stores around here, a pint of blueberries might be on sale for $3.99. yesterday, I paid $3/lb, yes, a POUND.  I filled the bucket and would’ve gotten more!

In my mind, there is no downside. It’s an opportunity to be outside, in the fresh air enjoying nature, with my children and the bonus is we get delicious fruit and now I’m in search of new recipes! ou just can’t beat that!  You can check the link below and see if there are any in your area, I bet there are! Give it a try! And different fruits are ripe at different times of the year, so theoretically, you could be out there all the time!

It’s a great website. Now, if you use it and find fruit in your area, I wanna know what you got!

This is the Facebook page of the local farm I visited

6 responses to “Go pick your own….

  1. I love picking my own too whenever I get the opportunity to do so. . I normally do apples and strawberries. And your right it is way cheaper and fresh. At least your knowing what your getting instead of find some spoil strawberries for example at the bottom of a carton.

    So what is your plan with all those delicious blueberries?

  2. P.S. you look great! Talking about dieting and losing weight 😉

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