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Don’t let the bastards get you down

on June 5, 2011

My dad used to say that all time whenever I was upset about something someone had done to me, real or perceived. Well, dammit, this time it’s real, not a filament of my imagination.

Who are these ‘bastards’ you ask? Hmmm, that’s the hard part. They are for the most part invisible, the infamous ‘them’ or ‘they’. We’ve all heard of ‘them’, or had to deal with ‘them’. ‘They’ broke into my house. or ‘They’ stole my GPS out of my car. You get the drift.  This time ‘they’ created malware.  Vicious, worthless programs that attack your computer with the sole intent of doing damage. Well, that and getting you to pay them to go away, when they really don’t.

Last week, my laptop got hit with malware. Yes, I have antivirus software on my computer and run it regularly. Unfortunately, this crap, this ‘malware’ isn’t stopped by antivirus programs. almost like when you’re ill with a virus, antibiotics won’t work because they’re not the same. In my attempt to stop this stupid malware program, I inadvertently gave it the opportunity to destroy all of my files on my computer, word or photos. Thankfully, I think I’ve got it all backed up in another location, but it doesnt’ make me any happier that I had to send my laptop to the computer doc to have it cleaned up. I didn’t pay the malware bastards, instead I paid the computer doc. 

Guess what happened today? Yup. My PC got hit with one as well. We’ve had it for over 3 yrs now and never had anything like that on it. My boy was online looking at something and a box popped up, and it looked like a Microsoft window, it said something about detecting a problem and asked to click ‘ok’. I told him to just ‘x’ out of it, but then the scan started. It LOOKS like a Microsoft scan, but it isn’t. The Malware on my laptop did the same thing, it looked like an official Microsoft windows scan.  I then tried to stop the ‘scan’, but it wouldn’t stop, so I did a forced shut down. Now, I’m in waiting mode to see what the computer doc says we need to do. Heck, he may have to clean up that one too. I hope not!

What I want you to take away from this is

A: back up your files somewhere besides on your computer, be it flash drives, external hard drive, or online, just do it. Those priceless things like pictures are heartbreaking to lose, I’ve done that before too. It sucks.

B: Antivirus software is not all you need. Look for a good malware program. Malware bytes is the software the computer doc downloaded on my laptop and it has stopped things every single day since I got it back. As soon as I get my PC back up, I will install it on there. Microsoft makes a malware program as well. I cannot really say anything about these programs, but what I can say is that you definitely need one.

C: It’s sad that these losers have nothing else to do besides sit around and create these destructive programs. I think if they used their brain power for good rather than destructive things, we’d have a cure for cancer, or diabetes, or Alzheimer’s. Really. What a waste.

If you get anything from reading this post, learn from my screwups and protect yourself in more ways than one. I promise, you won’t regret it. You will regret it if one of these stupid things takes over your computer and you lose that report you’ve been working on for weeks, or your senior thesis that’s taken months to put together, or the pictures of your first born’s first birthday party.  It’s taken me having both of my computers hit in a week to really understand there are some really awful programs out there that just want to do harm.

Now go and take care of what you need to take care of, you can thank me later. 😀

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