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Sam’s Lemon Crunch Cookies

on May 18, 2011

O.M.G! I have a new fave!  And I have to tell you, Sam is the innkeeper in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, not Sam as in ‘Sam’s Club’. They don’t share recipes. And I have a feeling if they did, they wouldn’t be 4 ingredients! We enjoyed a wonderful stay with Sam and Jeff last weekend. When we checked in, a plate of these were sitting on the bed waiting for us. These cookies are very lemony and have a surprising little crunch to them.  I’ve never had anything like them and I’m sure you’ll love them too if you like lemon!

Mmm! I have a new favorite!

Sam’s Lemon Crunch Cookies

1 pkg lemon cake mix

1 egg

1 C crisp rice cereal

1 stick butter melted

1. melt butter. preheat oven to 350F.

2. mix all ingredients, including butter. dough will be rather thick and stiff.

3. place in 1-1/2 tsp balls on ungreased cookie sheet. bake 8 to 10 minutes, or until lightly golden. 8 if you want softer cookies, longer if you like crispier cookies.

4. store in an airtight container to maintain chewiness.

Seriously, 4 ingredient cookies? Count me in! If you want them a bit more lemony, you can add some lemon zest or lemon extract.

Thanks Sam! These are wonderful!

You can find out more about Sam and their beautiful Circa 1884 Victorian B&B in Eureka Springs here

It’s a wonderful place to stay for a nice relaxing weekend.

5 responses to “Sam’s Lemon Crunch Cookies

  1. I love lemon. This is one recipe I unfortunately will miss one. We don’t have rice crispy/rice cereal in my city. But it does look nice though. I am trying to remain a distant from the scene:)

    • What??? No Rice Krispies? How can you survive (gasp)?? Oh well, if you’re trying to behave diet-wise, it’s probably a good thing, they are deadly and hard to stay away from! Although, you could make them w/o the rice krispies, IDK. they are really good though.

  2. Barbara says:

    These are SO GOOD!! Plus they are super east to make. From start to finish, with every thing in the dishwasher and the cookies on a serving platter, less than one hour. I am sure I will make them again. Just wondering what they would taste like using a chocolate cake mix…

  3. Hmmm, you know Barbara, you may have hit something with that thought! I’m so glad you liked them! We have really enjoyed them, they’re nearly gone! Soooo good!

  4. wait, I just had a thought. have you tasted plain yogurt lately? It’s really tart, I bet that’s why it works so well w/this recipe. I tried to do something with chocolate pudding mix and plain yogurt for yogurt pops and they were vile. Not just bad, but really disgusting. Let me know if you try it w/the chocolate though.

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