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Chocolate Truffle Cake (serve w/a side of insulin!)

on May 4, 2011

WARNING: Do not read this if you don’t like very rich, decadent desserts. This is not for the faint of heart.

O.M.G. If the title of this post doesn’t explain it, one look at the picture should!

Just the photo alone will cause a spike in blood sugar and cause the waist of your pants to become tighter!

Yesterday was my daughter’s first communion. We had everyone over after and I wanted to make a special dessert. I searched my magazines and found this on the cover. I cannot take credit for it, I’m simply sharing what I found, but beware: Do not eat this close to bed time. And do not eat this unless you have coffee/milk/red wine to wash it down! It is incredibly rich and very delish, and totally unhealthy! Which is why I took half the leftovers to my next door neighbors! Thanks Kari!

Oh, and don’t be afraid. My friend said it looked intimidating. Seriously, if you can read directions and assemble things, you can totally do this and amaze and astound your friends and family!

Chocolate Truffle Cake

1 pkg brownie mix (8×8 size, or 13×9 size for a thicker brownie)

3 C (18oz) semi sweet chocolate chips

2 C (16 oz) heavy whipping cream

6 tbs butter, cubed

1 tbsp instant coffee granules

3 tbsp vanilla extract

approx 24 Pirouette/Pirouline Cookies cut in half

1. Mix brownie mix by package instructions. Cut a circle of parchment paper to put in the bottom of a 8 or 9″ springform pan. Spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray. Pour the brownie batter in prepared pan. Place pan on baking sheet and bake at 350 for 25 to 30 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

2. Place springform pan on a cooling rack and cool completely.

3. In a food processor, process chocolate chips into a fine powder

4. In a small microwave safe bowl, microwave on high 1 to 1-1/2 min, melt butter with coffee granules and 1 C heavy whipping cream. Stir to blend.

5. With food processor running, add butter mix in a slow stream into chocolate chips.

6. add the vanilla and process until smooth.

7. Place 1/4C of chocolate mix in a sandwich or pastry bag and set aside for use later as a garnish. Place remaining chocolate mix in a large bowl.

8. Remove the sides of springform pan and parchment paper from the bottom of the brownie. Place on a decorative cake plate, or whatever you will serve on. With half of this chocolate blend, cover the top and sides of the brownie.

9. In a small bowl, beat remaining whipping cream until soft peaks form. Fold into chocolate mixture.

10. Spread the whipped cream/chocolate mixture on top of the brownie.

11. Cut the cookies either in half, or in 1-1/2″ pieces (I’ll explain more later)

12. Gently press the cookies into the side of the cake. Cut a small hole in the sandwich bag containing the reserved chocolate mixture. Garnish with the reserved chocolate mixture.

13. Refrigerate at least 4 hours, to overnight. Let stand at room temperature 5 to 10 minutes prior to serving.

14. Be ready with milk/coffee/red wine/insulin when you serve, you’re gonna need it!

As for the cookies, the original recipe called for cutting the cookies into 1-1/2″ pieces. When I did it that way, I ended up with a piece that was about 1/2″ long that was going to be waste, so I cut them in half. I ended up with a much more uneven line across the tops and it was not even with the top of the truffle layer. My friends thought it was awesome, my daughter-the princess of the day did too,  and that’s good enough for me!

 If  you make this, be ready for loads of compliments, and maybe even some complaints….that your dessert will force some extra time at the gym! Enjoy!

4 responses to “Chocolate Truffle Cake (serve w/a side of insulin!)

  1. Your title grabbed my attention. Your not joking about insulin because I need it now:) Your cake look yummylicious! Great job! Also congrat to your daughter.

  2. valcitygal says:

    WOW – what a beautiful cake! I want some. I want some cake. And some insulin. Then more cake. Great job!! 🙂

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