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Did I Really Just See That??

on April 6, 2011

Are you interested in a good laugh for a Wednesday? Read on!

Today I was out running some errands and saw a car that was obviously burning oil. There was a huge grey cloud of stinky smoke coming from it.  I was silently cursing this polluter on 4 wheels. The people who get away with that should be ticketed and impounded. Period. These yayhoos are polluting the air  that I breathe and it really pisses me off.  You can’t tell me this guy has no clue about the smoke screen he’s using to foil his attackers! When it gets to this stage, I think they’re doing it purposely. Almost like the oil spray from the Batmobile to slow down the Joker!

The kicker: it wasn’t an old car. Usually when you see that happening, it’s an old beater right? Not today. It was a Buick I think. Which, right there should tell you the driver was of the geriatric/AARP crowd. No matter how hard Buick tried to hook those of us in the younger demo, it just never caught on. something about driving the same car as my mom. Hmm.

We are coming to a stoplight and he’s in the center lane and I’m in the outer lane. I quickly put my windows up, so as not to be polluted directly. I just have something about putting my mouth on a tail pipe and taking a big deep breath. Call me crazy, I know!

As I’m passing this guy, I see that he is:

     A. what I expected: silver-haired and balding. 

And, here’s the funny part,

     B. knuckle deep mining for some nose gold! Blech!

That’s the kind of thing I would expect from a teenager, not from a grandpa type! As I passed and saw him in my mirror, he continued at it. He was going deep for the big one!  I know the people beside me (and in front of him) probably thought I was insane as i was violently shaking my head trying to get this image out of my mind! Or maybe it was a seizure from the exhaust fumes, I’m not quite sure which it was, but either way, the image was seared into my retinas!

It’s not quite as bad as walking in on your parents getting out of the shower, or catching your friends in a compromising position, but it was not pleasant, that’s for sure! I hope your day went better than mine!

2 responses to “Did I Really Just See That??

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  2. Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed my post and have been reading my blog. I try to have fun here.

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