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on April 4, 2011

I was just checking out a fellow bloggers page and decided to copy her a bit and share some movie reviews.

First you must realize that I have small children and most movies that I see in the theater are animated, needless to say, my reviews are of movies on DVD. Up first:


From Paris with Love Poster

‘From Paris With Love’

From Imdb: James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Myers) is an ambitious aide to the U.S. Ambassador in Paris, doing little jobs for the CIA and hoping to get into black ops. On the night he and his girlfriend, Caroline, become engaged, he’s told to pick up Charlie Wax (John Travolta) at Orly. Charlie is an unorthodox government employee – large, bald and bearded, foul-mouthed and eccentric. Charlie immediately takes James on a wild ride of murder and mayhem, through ethnic enclaves. As bodies pile up, the purpose remains opaque to James. Caroline, unhappy that James has been out of touch for a day, tells him to bring Charlie for dinner. Charlie can be charming – where will it lead? Does the chess-playing James have what it takes?

My take: it’s an hour of my life I can’t get back. I didn’t even finish the movie it was so awful. This was a serious let down for me. I was excited to see it. I like both the leading men in it. And I enjoy the occasional spy/action thriller. John Travolta was brilliant in “Pulp Fiction’, in this, it was like he was doing everything he was told he could never  do. I don’t know how to describe it any better. He was just loud and obnoxious for the sake of being loud and obnoxious, it seemed. And Jonathan Rhys Myers. Oh how I loved him in ‘The Tudors’. He’s a really talented actor, but his American accent was terrible and his acting was not much better in this, he was very stiff and the dialogue wasn’t great either. The storyline was difficult for me to follow. It was almost as if there was no real plot, other than to gratuitously blow things up and shoot people. I don’t have a problem with the blowing things up and shooting people, if there’s a storyline to support it. You’ll see in my next review.

 I give it an F. Really, really bad.

Next up: “Red”

Red Poster

From Imdb: Frank (Bruce Willis) is retired, bored and lonely living off his government pension in a nondescript suburb in an equally nondescript house. The only joy in Frank’s life are his calls to the government pension processing center when he gets to talk to his case worker Sarah (Mary-Louis Parker). Sarah is as bored and lonely as Frank and marks her conversations with the unknown Frank and her spy novels as the only things fun in her life. When something in Frank’s past forces Frank back into his old line of work and puts an unwitting Sarah in the middle of the intrigue, Frank and Sarah begin a journey into Franks past and the people he used to work with. Like Frank they are all RED … Retired Extremely Dangerous.

My take: Highly entertaining, from the start. Within the first few minutes, Frank had assassins on his door step and you’re not quite sure why.   It immediately drew me in and kept my interest. The continued addition of new characters and people from his past was fantastic. It seemed like around every corner, there was either someone trying to kill him, or one of his former colleagues. yes, there was shooting people and some really brutal fight scenes.  But not only was there really wonderful acting, (loved Helen Mirren as gun toting, bad-ass!) and a storyline with a real plot that kept my interest right up to the end. I wanted to see what was really going on and why it was going on and why these people are trying to kill Frank. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for an entertaining movie to take you away for a bit.

I give it an A.

2 responses to “Movie reviews

  1. valcitygal says:

    I saw Red as well and thought it was a hoot – great review!

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