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I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…..

on February 15, 2011

Well my friends, it’s happened. After two weeks of  cabin fever, I have come to the conclusion that eating things like chicken and dumplings, beef stew, pizza, and upside down German chocolate cake really aren’t the best way to continue fitting into my favorite jeans. Nope, it’s really not. it’s a great way to work up a shopping trip. But I don’t know a single person who wants to go shopping for that reason, including me! I used to be able to eat pretty much what I wanted, in moderation, and have no problems. I was at a stable weight for a long time. I’m not skinny, but I felt good about myself, and how I looked. Then it happened: I turned 40 and everything slowed down and started catching up with me. Boo.

Do you know how easy it is to grab a handful of pretzels and dunk them in the tub of frosting? Well, it’s apparently way too easy. So, once again, here I am. On a mission to shed my extra winter insulation before I am expected to put on shorts or *GASP* a swimsuit. Here’s what I”m doing, and I hope by putting this out there to my friends, it will help keep me accountable: I am keeping a log of everything I eat. I think if I’m actually keeping track it will be easier for me to feel bad about those pretzels with frosting! I am increasing my exercise, it’s much easier to go for a walk when the sidewalks are not covered in a sheet of ice or buried under 2 ft of snow, and the temperatures are warmer. Today was 71! I’ll take that every day of the year!  I am trying to be more conscious of what’s going in, how much is going in, and what I”m doing to need the calories.

Oh, and I”m cutting out my daily glass of vino. I know it’s not a ton of calories, but it affects the way your body burns calories or stores them. Your body cannot store the calories from alcohol (don’t ask me why, I can’t remember), but what happens is your body burns the calories from the alcohol first, and then stores whatever comes later that is not needed. And that is your physio lesson for the day. I hope you remember what we discussed, there will be a test at the end of this segment.

I will buy a new cookbook I saw that breaks down the calorie content of each recipe and that helps make keeping track easier.

Ok gang. Here we go. Wish me luck, you know it’s not easy and dammit, it was so much more fun putting that extra padding on my butt than it will be getting rid of it! I’ve got one day of about 1500 calories under my belt, but tomorrow will be a challenge, it will involve cooking dinner for the whole fam, not just my kiddos. I will think positively and visualize myself in my jeans.

6 responses to “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…..

  1. Pretzel in frosting? My goodness DG you are horrible, lol. I am not the one to talk…I am a pretzel muncher myself. If I see one hand size pretzel then next to it a pretzel as big as my head guess which one I chose, lol.

    Oh now I got the joke. I was watching a Fox series call “Mad Men” I only watch it if I stay up long enough. Someone mention planning a wedding their will be a lot of skinny people invited who don’t touch the food and only feed on the booze. I was like okay. But now I got it thanks, lol.

    Thanks for the 40 down hill scare. My weight been like a stock market since I been a teen. Also great job on the calories cookbooks. Half of my collections have the calorie and serving amount for a know brainer and if you lazy like me sometime to jot and count every single thing down.

    I know you will do well and losing those unwanted pounds. Heck mother nature is even giving you a nice start with great weather! I just have one suggestion for you that might help. If you do not have please buy smaller bowl size of a baby bowl and smaller utensil for eating, last smaller plates so that you eyes will be deceive. Even if you pile it you will be okay.

    • Yes, pretzels in frosting. I know, it was a moment of weakness and only happened a couple of times. I don’t normally keep that in the house, but we’d made cupcakes and didn’t use it all. I love the whole sweet/salty combo. Like chocolate covered pretzels. I could eat them all day long! but….And just plain pretzels too. I don’t keep chips in the house, it’s pretzels for us. My kids are sick of them and begging for Doritos!

      It’s true, after 40, everything starts to change, so, if you have any weight loss you wanna do, start before you get there, it really does affect your metabolism and that makes everything else a little more challenging.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. It’s supposed to be 72 today and I”m so going for a nice long walk! Thanks for the tip about bowls. I have salad plates and dinner plates, but we only use the little plates, all of us, and I try to load mine with more veggies than anything else. when I do use my bowls, I use a measuring cup to fill it, not my eyeballs!

      I wil do this! I am stronger than a few pounds of fat and they will be gone before I have to start wearing shorts again!

  2. valcitygal says:

    You go girl. Just being aware of what you’re eating and paying attention will help. I’m in the same boat right now – I had lost abot 25 lbs and have gained 10 back since the fall. I usually follow a pretty steady uphill/downhill trend over the year. I’ve been procrastinating to start on the downward side but it’s time. I’ve always liked Weight Watchers – it works for me unlike other diets in the past. So, good for you for putting your foot down and going for it. All it takes is commitment. We all know what we have to do – making the decision to do it is the hardest part and you’re already there! 🙂

    • Thanks Val! It is so easy to put off b/c it is hard. That’s what’s so damn unfair: it goes on really easy, it’s fun even. but taking it off almost requires a blow torch and a crow bar! But I will not give up! My husband was so sweet, he saw me posting last night and asked what I was writing. He said, ‘you haven’t gained that much!’ with the tone of disbelief, as if he didn’t believe I’d gained any. It’s just enough to make me not fit properly into my jeans and to really groan at the thought of summer. So, I’m all over it! Yesterday was good, and today will be too! I am gonna do this, one and for all! Good luck with yours too! You can do it!

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