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What I’m making today….

on February 7, 2011

I seem to be making my butt get a little bigger every day, but….I have several things on my list.

chocolate chip cookies (have to)

rice krispy treats with a valentine twist

chocolate whoopie pies (love the name)

chicken balsamico

french onion soup

santa fe chicken

and I’m sure I’ll find other things to make. My son wants me to make hamburgers, but they’ll have to be done in my grill pan, it’s too cold for me to grill. And I think I’ll just do some simple chicken strips tonight. As soon as I get some pictures, I’ll be sure and share!

I’m just happy we were able to get out yesterday. Our neighborhood streets are atrocious, but thankfully the main roads are fine. I restocked my shelves, since we’re expecting another snowstorm tomorrow. And we went out for pizza. OMG It was delish! Grilled chicken with pesto, spinach, mushrooms and garlic!

No school today, so we’re going to the library and a local bouncy-house place for a little activity.

I’ll share pics and recipes when I’ve got some to share!

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