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Welcome to Snowklahoma!

on February 1, 2011

since I really have nothing else to do, enjoy a few pics of our blizzard. We have gotten over a foot of snow so far and it’s still coming down! This is our snowpocalypse! Our snowmageddon. We haven’t gotten this much snow in a single day in over 100 years! And the part of it that sucks is the temp: 10F with a windchill of -8. That means I can’t throw my kids out in it! Booo! We’ve got 3 to 4 foot snowdrifts and the entire metro area is shut down. Seriously, the mall is closed. That equals everything, right?  Emergency vehicles are getting stuck. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you drive, you’re gonna get stuck! Unfortunately, we do not have the equipment necessary to deal with 1 to 2 inches of snow an hour with 35mph winds. Oh yeah, and my hubby’s flight to San Francisco that’s out at 7AM tomorrow, yeah, that’s been canceled. He thought he was going to escape the fun we’re having here!

The view from my bedroom window during a lull in the storm.

The tree in my front yard. The bricks that are barely visible on the left side are two high and completely buried!

Poor lonely playset. It's too cold to be out there now. 😦

It's so deceptive. The sunshine makes it look not too bad. At the time I took this, it was 5F/-1 windchill!

I thought this was really beautiful. It shows how windy it was and how dry the snow is. No snowmen with this stuff!

This is the view out my SECOND floor bathroom window. It's apparently situated just right to catch a wicked drift! kinda creepy!

So, in the meantime, I’m watching a movie with my daughter, making a cross stitch unicorn, washing laundry and thinking of making peanut butter cookies. Oh, and that three foot deep drift in front of my garage door, that is keeping me from going anywhere. Well that and the fact that the roads are a complete mess and I hate driving on crap roads. So, i”m tucked in, drinking hot tea and hanging with my offspring, my pair and a spare. Hope you are all staying warm and dry wherever you are!

7 responses to “Welcome to Snowklahoma!

  1. Debs says:

    I am extremely in awe! This time of the year we are usually ‘with snow’ ourselves and yet last December we had a few inches or so which didn’t even care to stick around longer than a week! I had so many indoor projects planned too…a couple of unit makeovers, lots of yummy (and dentist-destined) recipes to try out, not to mention the pile of movies I am justified to sit and watch whilst stuck indoors! however, with no snow I cannot sit still long enough to stay indoors more than I have to when I have clients waiting for me!
    I hope you enjoy while you can but I also hope it doesn’t stay long enough to become a drudgery!! 🙂

    • I am in awe too! We got 15 inches of snow, the most EVER on record! Bah. And not enough snow removal equipment to deal with it. It’s very dry and powdery and we had a very stiff wind yesterday, so every time they would plow a street, it would blow right back! It is currently 5F and feels like -1! The snow is really beautiful, but I”m afraid it will become drudgery soon, my friend. The temps aren’t supposed to be above freezing until Saturday. Blech. Almost the entire city is shut down. Airport, public transportation, city offices, schools, shopping malls, even the mail service can’t run! But as long as I have electricity, I can handle anything! We had a nasty ice storm 3 yrs ago and we were w/o power for 4 days. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the sun had been shining, but it was cloudy, cold and dreary and by the 4th day, I was ready for the rubber room! I think today will involve a board game marathon and many movies! And yes, I think you deserve a break. Put the phone to the voice mail and have a little break!

  2. I think many places are being hit by the snow. Chicago got it bad too this week. I hope you had enough food in your house until the bad weather is gone and that your honey reach home safely. Great photo of the snow on the ground by the way. It reminds me of sand….so nice and beautiful.

    • Oh yeah, i think they said there was snow on the ground in 30 states this week! The part that makes me sick, it’s colder here today than Montana! That’s bad! They were comparing our temps to the Northern Territories in Cananda! BRRRRR! yes, I had time to stock the pantry and the fridge before it hit. The roads are still really bad. My hubby went to work today for the 1st time since Monday and said the streets are really bad and basically a graveyard of stalled & stuck vehicles.

      • At least you were prepare, lol. When we lived in Oregon a few years ago they had a bad storm that not even the taxi drivers or grocery deliver company would come out to us. We end up eating dry cereal, spoons of peanut butter until the weather report showed photo of a few places look normal. We went out our door and it looked like hell…slowly head to the main and it was clear. You could see people chain for their tires broken all over the street. Make me wonder how long the main has been free. But that was not all. It was people in the store scraping up the shelf like in the movies I had to laugh then look over to see a lady was taking the last yogurt that I only like to eat. I had to grab it and we were both fussing. Hate it that my hubby was there because he told me to give it to her. It is not the end of the world.

      • OMG! That’s scary! I would hate to be stuck in a storm like that. I think I must have been a Girl Scout in a former life, when this kind of stuff comes, I go crazy trying to be prepared for it. Or if we go somewhere with our kids, I have to take everything just in case. My husband kind of laughs at me, but when we have whatever it is that we need, and might not have had it if not for my OCD, he shuts up pretty fast! Hopefully you won’t have to go thru anything like that again!

  3. I hope not either….I see OCD has many benefits!

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