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ATTACK of the Bathroom Renovations Part III (OMG will this ever end?)

on January 28, 2011

Have you ever seen the clown car at the circus?  You know the one i”m talking about: it looks tiny, but clowns just keep getting out and it seems like there are dozens crammed in this Smart Car/Mini Cooper-sized vehicle. That’s kind of how I’m feeling about this whole project right now. But, I don’t think I’m the lead clown getting out of the car. I feel like I”m the last one, the one who has to get in first, be smashed the longest and gets out last. Well, crawls out because there’s been no air where she’s been for the last hour and her legs have been folded up accordion style since yesterday. That’s me.

Update: No, kids bath is not done yet. I’d planned on putting up the clear coat today. Yes, I said it, ‘planned’. I seriously need to just stop planning things and see what happens. No, wait, that would mean I’d run out of toilet paper and be sitting there in need. Ok, that won’t work. So, I still have to do some planning. Maybe I’ll just cut down, like smoking, rather than going cold turkey. I’d planned on putting up the clear coat today, but today was popcorn day at my kids’ school and I am one of the popcorn ladies. Yes, I can find better ways to spend a Friday morning than standing in a closet making popcorn for hours on end, only to leave and feel like I’ve been dipped in a vat of popcorn grease. blech. But it’s for the kids and they really love it. And hey, it’s only once a month. After I dash home and dive headfirst into a really hot shower and scrub the butter smell from my hair, I had to go to the grocery. We are being threatened with freezing rain, sleet and snow on Monday. Yay. Sorry, when the roads are literally a sheet of ice, I’m not setting foot outside. Clear coat has been delayed another day.

Yesterday I got the final layers of plaster on my walls, I hope. It’s now curing itself of that same gas that the other had. And the big news of the day, what woke  me up in the night (honest), grout. The word sounds about as much fun as it is. Here’s my problem: When the grout looks like it’s been put up by a blind monkey, it just won’t do. After doing what I thought was a pretty good job on the final part of grout aka the most visible part, I looked again and shook my head. Really? I don’t remember hiring that monkey, but he apparently had a great time putting on the grout because it looks like total CRAP! The last thing you want in doing a reno project is for it to look like you did it yourself, right? You want it to be wonderful and perfect and not like it was done by a, well, monkey. Unless you want it to look like poo the monkey flung on the wall, and that is so not the effect I was going for. Today, I grabbed my handy screw driver/chisel and hammer and chipped all that crap away. At this point, I’m not sure I’ll ever find my tub again. It is full of all kinds of junk: bits of grout, pieces of wall paper, random screws, paint buckets, trowels, and I think there may be a family of rodents nesting in there too.

Wish me luck. At this point in time, I truly do not know when it will be done. Tomorrow (maybe) I will put up the clear coat in my kids’ bath and the caulk (not grout) in my bath. I say maybe because it’s supposed to be 70 here tomorrow, and crap Sunday, so I may very well be outside playing football all day!

Tune in to the next episode of  Whoflungpoo, the amazing blind, grout-installing monkey!

(I promise, when I get everything done, I will share pictures of all my hard work!)


2 responses to “ATTACK of the Bathroom Renovations Part III (OMG will this ever end?)

  1. valcitygal says:

    Omg and the saga continues! But good for you for not accepting monkey-standard grout and having another go at it. You’re a strong woman!! And sometimes, playing outside is just the thing to release all the monkey tension. 🙂

    Say hi to Whoflungpoo – hey, does he do windows?

    • Oh yes, I am strong like bull. ha ha! I think I did something while chipping away at the sloppy monkey work, one of my fingers is swollen and stiff. grrr. I hate getting old! booo! And yes, I think Whoflungpoo probably does windows as well. Paint too!

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