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ATTACK of the bathroom renovations…Part II

on January 26, 2011

You know, any time I think of a ‘simple’ room refresh project, I’ll always remember this. My bathroom was always going to be more involved than the kids. I mean, it’s mine, my retreat. My spa. One of my favorite things is to sit in the tub up to my chin in a hot bath, bubbles going, glass of vino in one hand and a good book in the other to cap off my day. I deserve a nice room that I can relax in, right? After all of the cooking, cleaning and laundry I have to do every day, a special place for me is not much to ask for.

Kids, well, all they have to do is shower, brush their teeth and use the toilet. And hopefully every now and then pick up the dirty clothes off the floor and wash the toothpaste gobs down the sink. It’s a utilitarian room, it was going to get a utilitarian makeover.

Easy peasy. Prime the walls. Texture the walls. Paint the walls. Hang new shower curtain and window treatments. Finis. Yeah, well, that’s where easy ended: with my plan. Oh, did I tell you the sky in my world is purple with pink polka dots? Yep, it’s purdy, you should come visit some time!

Since you’ve already read the story of the water leak, I’ll fast forward to the clear coat that I hadn’t intended to do.  when the walls showed a wet hand print, we decided that protecting all of the hard work would be a good idea. Simple, right? Ha! Haven’t you learned anything  from this story? Simple may be in my vocabulary, but since the theory and the reality of this project have already proven to be two vastly different things, why stop now?

I bought a clear coat that is designed for textured walls specifically recommended by the paint rep. My first mistake, right? Well, my 53rd on this project? You decide.  I get all of my tools ready: brand new roller, check. Paint tray, check. Clear coat, check. I poured some into the paint tray and just started doing my thing, determined to have a t least one bloody bathroom done! Once again, the universe said, “Ha!” to my plans. I rolled the coat on one wall and had moved to the second when I saw, wait for it….bubbles. Under the paint. Crap!  Hm…what on earth is going on now! I called the 800 number on the can and the guy told me that yes, the paint I was covering was apparently not ‘cured’ yet. I didn’t know it had been ill, but I guess it had a bad case of gas, one that wouldn’t be ‘cured’ for 5 days. Which means that my kids, two stinky children, will have to continue using my shower for the time being. Why you ask? It is cold outside right now. They don’t know how to shower any other way than to create a small cloud bank  which produces so much condensation it’s running down the walls in rivulets, which will potentially damage the texture, like when they write their names on the walls. Great. What else? They can use the toilet and brush their teeth in there.  But, at least it looks good, right?

Now I’m sitting around, like the wallflower at the junior high dance, just waiting for my time.

Check back for the next episode of  ‘How I Went to the Bathroom but Couldn’t Finish My Business.’

2 responses to “ATTACK of the bathroom renovations…Part II

  1. valcitygal says:

    LMAO Looking fwd to that episode! 😀

  2. I’m not finished yet, but I have high hopes that the remainder of my little foray into home improvement will be much less exciting than the beginning! Keep watching!

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