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ATTACK of the bathroom renovations…Part I

on January 25, 2011

 Have you ever gotten a wild hair? You know, that wild thought/urge/desire to do something that maybe you should think through a little more before you jump in only to find out that the pool is empty? Well, yeah, that apparently is me. Oh, and I”m the one who thinks she can tackle any project after reading about it. Once. Before we know it, I’ll be installing carpet and laying brick! Badly.

Here’s the story of my latest wild hair. We bought this house 5-1/2 yrs ago. It was in really good condition and only 6 years old. Great, we don’t have to do anything, just move in. Here we are, the house is now 11 years old and the wallpaper in the master bath, which was never my style, is getting has gotten old. Swags of English roses look fine in a country house. In England. Procrastinate much? I’ll answer that one later, sometime. No, seriously. It didn’t take long  to get rid of the other repulsive wallpapers: cherubs (seriously, in a powder bath), roosters in the kitchen (gah!) and stacked tea cups in the dining room. Can you say garish, tacky, gawdy? The cherubs were replaced by watercolor beachy blue stripes, roosters ousted by olive oil and brick red faux finish, and the tea cups, well, they just went away. We painted the dining room. Much better.

Now comes the master bath. I asked my husband what he thought and he about re-doing our bathroom and he says, ‘It’s your bathroom, do what you want.’ Ok! If there’s one thing I hope he’s learned in our 15 years, is when he says something like, ‘Hm. Maybe we should look at a cruise to the Bahamas for spring break.’ I will be online before he’s closed his mouth, researching destinations, departures, everything. So it shouldnt’ be surprising when he answered my query about our bathroom the way he did, I literally had the wall paper all down 30 minutes after we hung up the phone. Granted, I was very lucky in the wallpaper removal task, 11 years of steam made it come off in great sheets. I was fully prepared for the tedious task of picking tiny pieces of paper off, but I got lucky. Unfortunately, it seems, that is where my luck with this project ended.

This was my plan: Venetian plaster the walls of my bathroom, install a small chandelier with a dimmer switch over my jetted tub, install mosaic tile backsplash above my tub and stall shower, replace window treatments, and if possible, all of the hardware. Not a big job, really. Should be done in a day or two, since the walls are ready to go.  Are you seeing into my future yet?

Here’s how it actually went. Day 1: prime walls, allow to dry. Day 2: 1st coat of plaster. allow to dry. Day 3: 2nd, 3rd coat of plaster, allow to dry. Are you sensing a pattern here? Yup, that plastering stuff is labor intensive to say the least. My poor thumbs will never be the same. Oh, and it looks nothing like the videos or pictures. Imagine that. Not that I”m unhappy with the way things are turning out, it’s just taking a wee bit longer than we’d originally intended.

Day 2, hubby took the tank off the toilet so I could get the plaster behind it, so it didn’t look like a sloppy, half-done job. Last night, as he put the tank back on, we discovered there is some kind of washer/flange thingy that needs to be replaced b/c it’s dripping. constantly. I put a small container under the drip, a larger one wouldnt’ fit. And slept in two hour segments, awaking in the part of the dream that has the container overflowing and water running between the walls. not to mention the constant ‘drip.drip.drip’ sound all night.

Great. Today, we are going to attempt to finish our children’s bathroom. Notice I said ‘attempt’? My hubby textured the walls in their bathroom as well b/c there was a very sloppily installed door by the previous homeowner we wanted to try to hide. Not the door, but the finish work that was awful. Hubby once again takes the tank off of a toilet to paint behind. He goes to the other bathroom to take care of something and comes downstairs. As I’m standing downstairs near our dining room, I hear a strange sound and my dog starts freaking out, like there’s a mouse or something hiding. Great. chasing mice on a Saturday, just what I don’t have time for. Oh no. Not a mouse. tick.tick.tick. WTH is that sound? I happened to look up and see water dripping from the door frame btw the living room and dining room! BAH! Water from the kids’ bathroom had trickled down between the walls and was coming out around the door frame. Call the plumber on a Saturday. Can you say extortion? Thankfully, hubby figured out it was something he could actually repair before the plumber came and called to tell him we wouldn’t be needing his SATURDAY services after all. I wonder if he was as disappointed as I was happy.

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of  “Down the Drain, How My Mind, and Budget, Got Flushed”.

And yes, I will post pics once we are done. If I’m not completely mental by then.

4 responses to “ATTACK of the bathroom renovations…Part I

  1. Barbara says:

    This sounds kind of like when we worked on the nursery! There was a little plaster damage that turned into a 8 foot by 2 foot whole that needed to be repaired. Then we had to re-texture the entire room. We had to tear out the flooring down to the sub-floor and replace. To say nothing of all the work we did in the closet because of the horrid work by the previous owner. Then during all of this work the previous owner happened to be in the area and wanted to come in and take a look!! I was so angry at him for his lousy work that was the last thing I wanted to do. When he left I told David that I NEVER EVER wanted to see him in MY HOUSE again, unless he was buying it back!!

    Good Luck!!

  2. Funny how one little seemingly simple project snowballs! I’m just ready to have it done!

    I can’t believe you let the guy back in after all the headaches he caused you! Did you mention to him all the terrible things you found?

  3. valcitygal says:

    Omg, that’s one of those classic stories that have lots of “and then somehting went terribly wrong…!!” segways. Hopefully that’s the end of the challenges/obstacles and you’re well on your way to finishing the bathroom. 🙂

  4. Ha ha! You are right Val! IDK about ‘well on my way’, but I’m getting it done! I’ve got another post today! It just goes on and on!

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