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Observations from the retail world

on December 19, 2010

Yes, it’s definitely time for a new post and since everyone seems to be running around like ants these days trying to secure the ‘perfect gift’, what better subject to write about?

Is it just me, or do people to temporarily insane while in parking lots between Thanksgiving and Christmas? I have not seen any fisticuffs lately, but I’ve heard many angry horns and several obscene finger gestures over ‘stolen’ parking spaces. Is that really necessary? I mean honestly, would it kill you to walk a little bit farther?

When shopping, people PLEASE take the cart with you as you are leaving the checkout line. That is one of my all time pet peeves and it’s just plain rude.

And while I’m on the side of plain rudeness, when you leave the dressing room, take your things with you. That’s why there’s a person working in the dressing room, just hand them off, it’s really simple.

Whatever you do, do your very best to be polite to the customer service person. When the s— hits the fan, and it never has anything to do with them personally, they are the ones catch all of the crap. And having worked that position myself, I think it’s not uncommon for someone to just be having a bad day and want someone to yell at over something stupid that no one has any control over. Just remember, that could be you someday, behind that desk or cash register. Our economy is still kind of dodgy. So don’t turn into a raving lunatic the instant “Brenda’ asks ‘Can I help you?’

Here’s something I’m curious about. when you are looking for a particular shirt or sweater in a stack in your dresser/armoire/closet, do  you flip over all of them until you find the one you’re in search of? Or do you carefully lift them until you locate it?  I’m asking this because I’ve seen some really atrocious behavior in retail establishments. People who are well dressed and perfectly normal-looking in search of the last size medium of the purple argyle sweater flip over every single stack of neatly folded sweaters in their efforts. And when they come up empty, they simply walk away, leaving what looks like a tornado strike on that table. I implore you, please don’t do that. The retail employees are not paid enough to clean up your messes. Someone will have to stand there and refold that whole pile, cursing you as they do it. So it’s simple, be courteous and considerate of the employees who work there. Once again, some day it may be you folding the mess that others leave in their wake.

This happened yesterday, to me, so I know it’s true. When purchasing clothing that is on a hanger, don’t assume the little letter “M” or “L” on the hanger is really denoting the item that is hanging on said hanger. My BFF bought me a lovely cardigan, but alas, she did not have her glasses with her and relied on the hanger that showed an “M” on it. Imagine her surprise (and disappointment) when I opened the gift and saw the tag that read “XL”. Yeah. Two of me could fit in an XL. Not to brag, but I’m like the Weebles, remember them, heavy on bottom and light on top? Yep. I’ll likely never be accused of being an XL on top! No worries though, I’ll exchange it this week.

And always, always, try to keep in mind the reason for the season. As the corporate people who crack the whip on my husband may believe, the reason is not sales goals. I remind my children constantly, the reason for this holiday season is the birth of Jesus. Our savior. Not gifts. Not parties. Not shopping. Although all of those are fun. Let’s just try to remember what it’s really all about and do something for someone in need. Adopt an angel from the tree at the mall. Serve food at the homeless shelter. Volunteer to pack groceries at the local food bank. Pay it forward and pay the tab of the car behind you in line at whatever establishment you’re at. Do something selfless and anonymous. And, if you can’t physically do any of that, you can always donate money. Times are tight for all of us and when we pull together, we can do amazing things.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

Love you all and I hope you have a very merry and safe Christmas and holiday season, however you choose to celebrate. xoxo


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