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Observations from the fair

on October 22, 2010

Ah, the smell of corn dogs, the sound of carnies hawking their games, artists selling their handmade treasures, it’s always fun. And, well,I have to be honest, we didn’t go to the fair. We never do, I really don’t care for the fair, you’ll see why in a moment. But with my two children in tow, it would be a day of fighting the ‘i-wannas’. If you have children you know what I”m talking about. Your child sees something shiny, brightly colored, or noisy and suddenly you hear, ‘mom! I want that!’  Even though they really have no clue what it is or what it does, but it’s pretty so the HAVE to have it!

Me, I choose not to subject myself to all of that. We save our money for Oktoberfest. We have a wonderful festival here, I’ve read it’s the 3rd largest in the country. Lots of good German food and music, crafts and rides. It’s also a great place for people watching. These are a few of the things I saw today.

I have come to the conclusion, no matter your age or gender, skinny jeans are just not a good look.

Carnies are carnies. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been to a fair since you were single digits, they are still a nasty, creepy, dirty lot, and so are the men!

You can’t beat a corn dog fried in a vat of grease and an ice cold lemonade on a warm fall day.

Well, unless you have a bratwurst with sauerkraut, spicy mustard, potato pancakes and an ice cold beer to wash it down. Oh and don’t forget the strawberry Newberg, two pieces of puff pastry with vanilla pudding, strawberries and whipped cream. I think I may have to make my own version!

They still have all the same rides: the Yo-Yo, the Spider, the Scrambler, the Round-up, Tilt-a-whirl. And it’s just as much fun watching your children ride them and hear them laughing, as it is to actually ride it yourself.

And when you see the carnie running the ride, walk up carrying a bucket of water, whatever you do, don’t sit in the seat he’s just washed out! It likely wasn’t because someone spilled a drink or a bird pooped on it! We were waiting to ride the Sea Ray, a giant pirate ship looking swing when the guy walks up and had to wash out three, count’em 3 seats! Needless to say, they ran empty!

When you wear over the knee boots, jeans that are as good as painted on, and a tube top, you should  not be surprised when people stare at you. Same goes for those with blue hair (not the geriatric crowd, I mean royal blue), green mohawks, and multiple piercings or tattoos.

I totally understand the desire to have a tan, and yet not want skin cancer. But when your fake bake tan looks the same color as a pumpkin, I say go au naturale and tell people ‘Pale is the new tan’!

Can we just get something straight?  knit leggings are not pants just like layering camisoles should not be worn solo as a top. Leggings need to be with something like a skirt or a tunic-type top.

Just because you can button the jeans, does not mean they fit, they look good, or that you should wear them.

It is a really fun way to spend an afternoon with our family, whether you are German or not. If you have a chance, i highly recommend you check it out.

8 responses to “Observations from the fair

  1. Domestic you did not posted any photos:(

  2. I know, sorry, I forgot my camera! I do have pix of most of the recipes I’m going to post. hope to get those up this week.

  3. No problem. Just that the story was great and the photo would been like icing on a cake:)
    Looking forward for the cooking blog:)

  4. Cindy Holman says:

    LOVE the fair! The baby piglets and the food are the BEST things at the fair, in my opinion!

  5. where are you girlie? I am missing your blog and our chatters!

    seriously, i hope you are ok 🙂

    • Hello sunshine! Sorry I’ve been MIA! Too many projects pulling me too many directions! Finished up a couple of big volunteer gigs at children’s school, now getting kitchen redone. Hope to get some recipes posted soon!
      hope all is well with you too! take care and have a great wknd!

  6. Hey, I’m glad you are ok! I look forward to hearing about all you been up to, and your recipes when you get time!
    All good here (said in whisper cos you know that quick that can change!) just working on {Christmas stuff} tho I’m not sure how I feel about the whole season just yet….lists/lists/lists! 😀
    Anyway…hope to see ya soon 🙂

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