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Too good to be true?

on October 2, 2010

Ugh, it’s happened and I’m so not happy. I’m talking about the 40-something metabolism slow-down. It has been really gradual and not too noticeable. I have been able for a long time, to eat what I wanted, within reason, and stay pretty much the same weight. You know, give or take a few depending on the day or time of the month, not so different from most other women.

This summer, it seemed like I was constantly hungry. I mean chew -the-finish-off-the-table-if-I-don’t-get-something-NOW hungry. Almost like when I was pregnant. I had to eat every couple of hours, but I was making a person, and that takes alot of calories. Um, no, I”m not currently pregnant. so I can’t use that as a reason for this unremitting gnawing in my tummy.

Slowly, the light is dawning and it’s not a pretty light. I tried on my jeans, my favorite jeans and yup, you guessed it they were way more snug than they ever were. Yeah, that will happen when you graze all afternoon because you are just freaking hungry.

As most women, my jeans are my marker for how I”m doing and when they fit perfectly, life is good and I’m a happy girl. A little on the loose side, I’m freaking ecstatic. But when they are tight, one thought comes to mind, ‘Oh hell no!’  Conveniently, last week I saw Dr. Oz and he was talking about issues that women over 40 deal with regarding weight. One of the questions was “why am I constantly hungry?” His response was basically it boils down to hormones, and a lack of estrogen and too much insulin, or something along those lines. Great. something I can’t control.  Here’s the caveat, I can boost my metabolism by consuming some healthy foods. Cracked black pepper was one of his recommendations. Ok, that’s easy. I like black pepper. And I think cayenne will do it as well. Another thing he recommended was something called Oolong tea. Hm, well, I do like herbal teas, so what the heck. It will boost metabolism for 2 hours after drinking it. Sign me up!

Normally, I go with the thought that something too good to be true, usually is. You knwo that email from some perosn in Nigeria who wants to give you $85million, or the magic pill that will make you thinner/younger/less gray, it’s a nice thought but it’s always too good to be true. so naturally when I saw something on Dr. Oz last week that would boost my metabolism, I thought the same thing. it was a tea that I’ve heard of but never tried and figured I really didn’t have much to lose, besides a few extra helpings of cottage cheese.

The next day I went in search of this wonder tea. I had to go to a local health food store to find it and was happy it wasn’t  pricy. I tried it and I had more energy and I wasn’t hungry all day! Seriously, I only ate my meals, there was no grazing, and needless to say, I was a happy girl! The next day, I still felt the effects of the tea in that I wasn’t hungry. The day after that though, I didn’t have any tea and I felt that hunger gnawing away again. I brewed myself a cup, and voila, hunger gone. Is it placebo? I dunno, all I know is I haven’t grazed my way through my afternoon, and that can only help. I am trying to exercise more, any movement I can do will be helpful. This tea will help as well. You may have heard the thing these days is ‘eat less, move more’. It’s hard to do when you feel like your stomach is going to implode. But, if I can drink some hot tea and feel better, at the same time cutting out several unnecessary calories, it can only be a good thing.

Give it a try I say! I’ll keep you posted on my progress/success!

One response to “Too good to be true?

  1. Good for you I hope all work out.
    Tea is a nice thing to drink atleast 3 times a day when on a diet. As you notice it does not get you hungry and you can’t eat a lot when you are sipping on some hot tea. If I kept up on drinking tea I would still be slim got lazy and went to the cold bottle of water.

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