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Excuses, excuses…..I’m up to my cabinets in excuses

on September 15, 2010

If there is one thing in this life that I do not do well it is excuses. When I ask my children why they have not done what they’ve been asked to do, they tell me, ‘oh, i didn’t clean my room because blah blah blah.’ My normal response to that is, ‘I don’t want excuses, I want action. Don’t tell me why you haven’t done it, just go do it!” And usually it’s because they got distracted by something shiny, cleaning their rooms is not high on their priority list. Unless of course they are getting something out of it, like allowance or a play date or something they want. I try to keep that way in our house, they get something they want, I get something I want, as in a clean house. Well, not perfectly clean, we do live here after all. It’s never completely clean all at once, unless Grandma and Grandpa are coming for a visit, and even then it’s a struggle to keep it that way. You know, some days, it seems like they are following right behind me making messes as I’m cleaning. Someone please tell me I’m not alone in that!

The reason for this post is the painter guy who’s been in my house for 4 days now working on my kitchen cabinets.  he seems nice enough and all, but I”m making a major investment in my home and paying them a good amount  of money to refinish my cabinets and make them look nice and new. Well, as new as 11 year old cabinets can look. I’ll admit, this is a bigger job than they initially thought it was. I kind of compare it to the closet clean out scenario. You get feisty one day and decide it’s time to clean out your closet and start pulling stuff out. And you keep pulling stuff out and there’s more and more and more. Until the closet is empty, but the room is a complete wreck and you’re looking at this pile of stuff thinking, ‘where in the world did all of this junk come from anyway?’.  Needless to say, it takes way longer than you thought it would to sort, toss, organize the stuff that was in there. Heck, you may even get to the point you’re sick of dealing with all that crap and just chuck it back in thinking you’ll deal with it later. (I’ve done that before!)

On about day 2 of Mr painter guy’s stay at my house, I would look at what they were doing and ask questions, point things out, etc. I understand they have a process they go through to complete this kind of job. He would look at it and say, ‘we’ll get there.’ Ok, well, on day 3, when I would ask a question, or point out something that I saw, he started giving me excuses. ‘Well, we can’t restore the cabinets to factory new.’ Or ‘over time you’re going to have some wear here.’ Or ‘The other guys were working on that yesterday.’  And my response to all of that is, I don’t want your excuses. I want you to say, ‘oh, ok, I’ll take care of it.’ That is all I need to hear. I”m not pointing a finger of blame at anyone, I am simply pointing out something that I see. I know how I am after looking at the same thing for long periods of time, my eyes get used to what I”m seeing and don’t notice any flaws, or I can’t quite get to the answer of the question. It’s natural, and it’s normal. I wasnt’ telling him his work sucked. I wasn’t telling him he was a crappy painter. I was merely pointing out things that I saw that needed to be addressed before he left.

Today is day 4. I wrote down all of the spots that I saw needed a little more paint. Particularly in high traffic areas. I told him I really wasn’t trying to be nitpicky, and I”m not. I don’t want him to have to come back any more than he does! But the other part of that is, I”m paying them alot of money and I expect it to be done right the first time around. I”m not paying them to do a half-ass job. that’s not what we were sold.

Ok, off my soap box now, I am starting to get a fear of heights! Hopefully he’ll be done soon and I”ll post some before and after pix! Thanks for playing!

2 responses to “Excuses, excuses…..I’m up to my cabinets in excuses

  1. Cindy Holman says:

    Haha!! Sounds like you’re going to have an ‘opportunity’ for personal growth 🙂 I don’t envy you!

    • If personal growth involves biting my tongue, I suppose you’re right! I try to be very patient, but man, I just don’t do excuses well from anyone. I’m fine now, we’ve moved on to the next stage. Got a couple of granite people coming tomorrow and Friday! YAY! I’m very excited to have a new kitchen!

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