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Home Improvement, Part 1 (continued)

on September 12, 2010

So we had the guys here ALL day yesterday, they spent most of the day cleaning the 11 years worth of grease and dirt off the cabinets, blech, and voila! they were actually white! They did some of the painting, but didn’t have time to paint everything, so lucky me, I have another day of being tied to the house to look forward to. Oh joy. But if it means I get something really amazing done in my kitchen, I’ll deal.

I will say, though, that I”m not totally there yet. I kept asking questions and the answer was ‘whatever we don’t do today, we’ll do Monday.’ Ok, well then, they’d better be ready on Monday, because I’m not paying for anything til I’m totally happy!

I did take before pictures and when it’s all done, I’ll share the results, and I really hope it looks wonderful!

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