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Garlic overload chicken

on September 7, 2010

If you’ve been along for my ride into domestic goddessness, you’re familiar with my love of garlic. If you’re new to my world, garlic is a food group in my house!. This recipe totally takes into an all new direction! Basically, it is a chicken version of my thought ‘too much garlic is just right’! If you love roasted garlic and an easy recipe, this one is definitely for you! Just be sure you’re not eating it alone b/c you won’t be getting any lip action if  the only one indulging is you!

I just  thought of something, if you’re like my sister-in-law, who doesn’t like really powerful garlic flavor, but you do like the roasted garlic, this is a good recipe. Cooking the chicken in the same pan as the garlic, you get a bit of the garlic flavor, but it’s not like you’re eating raw garlic. The chicken is very juicy and flavorful.

Garlic Overload Chicken

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts flattened to 1/4″ to 1/2″ thickness and cut in half

1tbsp Italian seasoning

2tsp rosemary

1tsp salt

fresh ground black pepper

2 heads of garlic, cloves separated but not peeled

2tbsp olive oil

1 pkg chicken flavor Rice-a-Roni

In a large skillet heat the oil on medium  and add the whole garlic cloves, still in their paper shells. Cook over med heat for 5 to 8 minutes until the cloves are soft. (they may brown a bit, but don’t let them scorch.)

mix the seasonings, salt and pepper and sprinkle on top of the chicken, and don’t be shy with it!

Push the garlic to the sides of the skillet and put in  the chicken seasoned side up.

As chicken is cooking, prepare the rice according to package instructions.

Carefully turn the chicken after about 5 to 6 minutes and continue cooking on the other side on med/low heat, until chicken is done and juices are clear.

If the garlic looks like it’s getting overdone, take it out and put it in a bowl for later.

Serve the chicken over the rice and you can either squeeze the garlic over the chicken, or just put the cloves in a bowl (like we do) and eat it with the chicken. The garlic comes right out of the shell, it’s soft and nutty like roasted garlic. My 7 yo daughter can’t get enough of the garlic!

I have also served this with Rachael Ray’s  Garlic and Parmesan Orzo for a super duper dose of garlic! when I did, my friends down the street could smell it! You can’t get much easier than that! Enjoy and let me know how you like it!

8 responses to “Garlic overload chicken

  1. Cindy Holman says:

    I’m going to have to try this! I love garlic! Thanks for the recipe!

    • You’re welcome! it is really good, and easily could be halved. It also reheats really well. Like my friend says, it’ll make your tongue slap your brains out! Let me know what you think!

      • Cindy Holman says:

        I made this tonight and LOVED it!!! Thanks so much for the recipe! The garlic is really good that way – I will have to remember that little tip – and leave it in the wrappers when roasting it!

      • YAY! We love it and I”m so glad you did too! Whenever I roast garlic, I cut off the top of the head, drizzle with olive out and put it in a clay garlic baker for about 30 to 45 minutes. YUM!! I think you can roast a head in foil as well, ifyou don’t have a garlic baker. So good on crusty bread!

  2. hyemst says:

    This chicken sounds amazing. Maybe I will try one of your recipes for my 30-Day Challenge…!

    • That would be great! I guess I need to read more about your 30-day challenge! I’ve got loads of awesome recipes, and several posted on here. I really enjoy cooking and baking and love to try new recipes, although I”m pretty simple when it comes to what I make, I have two young children to please and to make something very sophisticated wouldn’t fly in my house! My motto is I’m all about easy! If the ingredient list is as long as my arm, I’m not going to try it. Keep me posted ifyou do make it and what you think!

  3. I like this recipe. It is easy to make plus now I plan to make it just to torture my hubby with a kiss, lol. Shooo I love me some garlic.

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