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on September 4, 2010

See, one word and that’s all it took for you to click on my blog. What is it about popcorn anyway? Someone in your office, dorm, house, neighborhood pops some and suddenly you’re craving it. What’s up with that? Tell me I’m wrong, I dare you!  I love me some popcorn and you know you can’t eat just one piece. It’s like those potato chips they say you can’t eat just one. Here’s some info you may not know about our favorite addictive snack.

Just the smell of it and you’re transported to your favorite movie or party from childhood. We have a drive-in movie theater here, we’d take a big bag of popcorn, lawn chairs and blankets and camp out under the stars for a fun night of entertainment. And my dad. It reminds me of my pop. He had an air popper and would fill a brown grocery bag and just munch on it until it was gone. And to be perfectly honest, it tastes good just plain all by itself, in its unadulterated form.

And you know what I just thought of? Everyone likes popcorn, unless they have an allergy. Think about it, can you name one person who doesn’t love it? Seriously, anything else, you can find someone who doesn’t like it, for example: broccoli, brussels sprouts, cherries, even chocolate. But popcorn? Nope, not unless it would kill them to eat it. And even then they probably have a hard time staying away from it.

I thought about this a few nights ago as my husband popped a bag of popcorn and I was suddenly famished. I was not hungry in the least, but as soon as that smell wafted to me, I thought I might just die if I didn’t have some! Funny how it works that way. Almost like yawning. And you know what I mean, someone else yawns and instantly you feel one coming on and no matter how hard you try to suppress it, there you are, wide open looking like it’s nap time!

Which brings me to some fun facts about popcorn.

1 cup of air popped popcorn is only 31 calories, 1 gram of protein, 1 gram of fiber.

Air popped popcorn has ZERO grams of fat.

It has more fiber than other snacks like pretzels or potato chips.

Popcorn also contains vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, and several B vitamins among others.

Now I have to burst the bubble. The popcorn that we all love the most, at the theater, baseball game, football game, wherever you buy it popped from the big machine, is so good. The light, crispy texture with the taste of butter and salt. MMMM I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. But then again, it’s a killer for the diet. Since I shared the good side, I have to also point out the bad. That ‘butter’ they put on it when you buy the bucket o’popcorn at your favorite location, it’s really just oil and it’s totally disgusting. Sure, let’s put a few squirts of some coconut/palm/whatever random oil they use on my wonderful popcorn to make it even messier and more calorie and salt-laden than it already was. I’ll pass thanks.

Oh, but that bucket o’popcorn is just so damned tempting. If not for the price. $6.50 for $.5o worth product. My problem, beside the insanely outrageous price, that teeny tiny little fact that it is a diet buster. I read that the salt and calorie content of popcorn from many theaters is well above 500 calories for a very small portion. Now I ask, who eats just 1 cup out of the bucket and stops? Not me! I don’t stop until I am either sick, at the bottom, or my lips are all puckery from the salt.

The next time you want some popcorn, go for the pure unfettered kind and you’ll get a great healthy snack that won’t totally crash your diet. I think I’m going to buy an air popper today.

6 responses to “POPCORN!!!

  1. valcitygal says:

    Yep, you had me at the title. 🙂 Big popcorn fan. Although – I don’t put butter on it because I have thing about soggy food, the salt really ups the calories. And there is no way I could stop at a cup of popcorn. I know going in that whatever bag I buy, I’m eating the entire thing (my hubby doesn’t like popcorn – GASP) so it’s alll miiiine too. I usually buy a small bag, but have gotten a medium/regular size and tell myself it’s supper. 😀

    • OMG! Your husband doesn’t like popcorn? See, you proved me wrong! I have never in my life met anyone who didn’t! Well, I guess that means more for you, huh? I don’t like soggy popcorn either. But oh that movie theater popcorn is my weakness! Good thing it’s too bloody expensive for me to buy, otherwise I’d gain a pound every time I went! Oh, and I’ve totally done the popcorn for dinner thing too! 😀

  2. Cindy Holman says:

    I love it too – but my daughter doesn’t like it – hasn’t since she was a wee thing. I didn’t know it was possible either!

    I have popped the ‘light’ kettle corn in the single serving bags and it’s not bad. I really like real butter and salt, though – I’m a purist in that way and the artificial ‘butter’ doesn’t ever taste as good to me. If I have it with real butter I try to stop at about a cup, though. Notice I said ‘try’.

    • Wow! I’ve been proven wrong twice in one day! I’ve had that ‘light’ kettle corn as well. I usually just stick with the 100 calorie bags. They’re just the right size. And thank you for pointing out ‘try’! It’s hard to do! Like eating only the 1/2 cup serving of ice cream! Who does that? Certainly no one in my house!

  3. Cindy Holman says:

    Sorry – I don’t like ice cream – except for once in a GREAT while – and then it’s chocolate peanut butter or pralines and cream from baskin and robbins – I know I’m pretty weird – never order dessert with ice cream – or whip cream – just don’t care for it.

    • Not liking ice cream isn’t a bad thing. It’s delicious, but so fattening and indulgent, to not eat it wouldn’t hurt any of us! I think you’re ahead of the curve on that one. My boy didn’t like it when he was a baby, but I think it was a matter of the coldness and his gums.

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