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Is 7 too young to be a drama queen?

on September 1, 2010

Heaven help me. My beautiful baby girl was such a sweet and easy-going baby. People were amazed at her and how good she was. She was a joy to be around.  She was very solemn most of the time and would study people, as if deciding whether or not she would engage in any kind of communication with them. She didn’t cry very much, slept well and was just precious. I couldn’t believe my luck, to have two sweet and easy-going children. Well, ha ha! the universe said. When my girly was about 22 months old, it was as if someone flipped a switch and she went from a laid-back sweet heart, to a full-blown two-year-old and never looked back. She would throw a fit and I would look at her and say, ‘Who are you and what have you done with my baby girl?’

There is almost exactly 3 years between my youngest and oldest, the oldest being my son, who is still my sweetheart, my caring and funny boy. My girl, well, anything her brother does, she will do twice as much. He gets two tickets for good behavior in class, she’ll say she got 10!

She’s got quite the temper and sometimes can’t really control it, no matter how I try to calm her. So yesterday, we’re getting ready for school. I normally allow her to choose her own clothes, with my approval of course. Yesterday was a different story. She put on no less than three outfits! She’s in SECOND GRADE! I was so frustrated with it, I told her I would be choosing her clothes from now on because there’s no need for that kind of thing. It’s not like she’s preparing for the Oscars or prom. it shouldn’t be this hard to get dressed for elementary school!

Let me just say, I am not a dramatic person. I am not high maintenance and I’m pretty even-keeled, so where this is coming from, I’m not quite sure. I know I was a handful when I was in high school, but we’re not there yet.

Today, well, today was a rough one. I reminded my girly that I was going to be the fashion police today and pick out what she wore. You would have thought I told her  we were moving to Siberia. She went off on me and was very upset and said some really hurtful things, the kind of things that moms definitely don’t like to hear from their children. After she’d cooled down, I explained to her how what she had said hurt me and asked how she would feel if I had said them to her. Then she got it. She cried, apologized and snuggled in my lap. I told her that when she’s angry she can’t just say what pops into her mind because you may say something that you’ll regret later. I try to make everything  a teaching moment, I just hope she learns from it and doesn’t do it again. I know, I know, and there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but I can dream, can’t I? Just let me have that for now!

6 responses to “Is 7 too young to be a drama queen?

  1. Cindy Holman says:

    Oh my. Sounds like you have your hands full! Luckily there’s still some time before she’s a teenager – I had a ‘drama queen’ too – but not so bad until she was in high school. We sure had a time of it – because I’m pretty even like you are – not sure where she got her fiery personality from! Shopping with her was the ultimate joy – I wrote an article on that more than a year ago – pretty funny stuff! We’d both be in tears! But no one can make me laugh as hard as she can! She’s 23 and been married for a year now – so there’s always hope, right? The great news is that she’s intensely loyal – and we’re pretty much best friends now – so you and your daughter will be too ♥

    • Oh thank you Cindy! I have hope now! We solved the problem, thanks to my wonderful husband. He’s always the one who can see the other side of things and come up with different solutions and different ideas. He’s the one who’s more even than I am and it takes alot to get him worked up. This is so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t come up with it, but hey, I”m all for giving credit where it’s due. His suggestion was to pick her clothes the night before. oh, duh! So we did that last night and had no drama today. Yay! It was much nicer to start the day without a temper tantrum and tears, for both of us! I keep telling both of my children it’s ok if they don’t like me right now, they’ll love me for it later because now is not the time for me to be their friend, right now I have to be the mom, we’ll be friends later when everyone is grown up.

  2. Aunt Baaa says:

    Yup, I have a two yr old drama queen.

    I knew I was in hot water when she was breech at 37 weeks, so they turned her (ouch) and by the next week, she had flipped back to breech. She does things her own way, won’t listen to reason, doesn’t nap well, etc.

    I can’t imagine what I will face in her petulant teenage years.

    • Whoa! She flipped back? My boy was breech @ 38 wks, we managed to turn him at home, and thankfully he didn’t flip back, but yikes! Your girl sounds like she’s probably as strong-willed as mine! I think I may be medicated by the time mine is a teenager! That or I’ll send her to the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother and let the nuns straighten her out!

  3. Aunt Baaa says:

    Yup, had to have a c-section. When I went for the ultrasound, the tech was afraid to tell me. I burst into tears. Getting bad news when you are 9 months pregnant is a dangerous game.

    Somewhere I heard that Ted Turner’s parents sent him to a military school that accepted 4 year olds. I am thinking that might work!

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