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It’s that time again!

on August 17, 2010

What time is it? Ahhh, almost time for my children to go back to school. It’s funny, at the end of the school year, they’re all excited and happy,a nd I”m the one crying! Now, they’re the ones crying and I’m doing the happy dance! But seriously, we’ve had a fun summer. They have reached really fun ages and we have done all sorts of fun things: lots of bowling, Disneyworld, movies, watching for meteors, swimming, pedicures (my daughter), they got to go camping twice with my folks. It really has been a good one.

The problem, I have completely ignored two little things I like to call ‘diet and exercise’. Not that I”m on a ‘diet’ but as in paying attention to what I”m putting into my body and burning as many calories as I’m consuming every day. Yeah, that. It was a nice thought. I mean, I started the summer fresh off of a serious walking vacation. Averaging 7 to 9 miles a day is not too shabby and probably has something to do with why I didn’t gain any lbs when we were there. Alas, since then, the walking I’ve done is mostly up the stairs in my house or at the grocery store. Two weeks ago I intended to get back into my better routine and shed these unwanted cinnamon rolls that have relocated themselves to my behind. For some reason when I stepped on my elliptical, it groaned. Well, no, it rubbed, somehow the flywheel had gotten off-center and it needed to be repaired, which took nearly two weeks to be completed. So….Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, 3lbs is enough to make my clothes not fit me right. My husband is so sweet, he says he doesn’t notice it, and he probably doesn’t. Once you have hail-damaged thighs, nothing will really look that different! but I feel different, I don’t like to feel like my pants are cutting me in half!

yesterday I started back with my healthy habits.  Here’s my plan: I keep a diet/exercise journal every day of anything and everything that goes into my mouth, and all the activity I do in a day, including house work/grocery shopping, in addition to the time I do on my elliptical. I think it makes me feel more responsible and accountable for reaching my goal.

My healthy/diet tip for the day: Steer clear of ‘fat free’ foods. Why? When they take the fat out of something, they have to replace it with something to make it tasty and normally it’s replaced with sugar. If you read the label, you’ll see that the sugar content of the ‘fat free’ vs regular will be higher. So just go ahead, enjoy your regular whatever, just enjoy less of it! Smaller portions are the key, add more fruits and vegetables for fiber that will keep you fuller longer. And if you don’t think you can stay out of the chips/Oreos/soda, don’t even buy any. If it’s not in the house, it’s not a temptation and won’t wreck your plans.

Oh, and one more thing, ‘diet’ really is a four letter word. If you think of it rather as a change in your lifestyle and eating habits, you’ll be more successful in the long run. The  word ‘diet’ has a real negative connotation to it and you think of  deprivation and starvation. It’s hard to be successful at anything when you start off with a word that conjures  negative thoughts and images. I wish you luck on any weight loss endeavors you may have! Now its time for my breakfast, a yummy yogurt smoothie!

9 responses to “It’s that time again!

  1. Barbara says:

    I have been eating healthier and also try to keep a journal of food and exercise. My policy is “If I bite it, I write!” Just thinking about having to write it down along with the number of calories can sometimes stop me from having a bite of “fill in the blank”.

    • That’s great! I like that I bite it I write it! yeah, seeing it in writing kind of brings it all home and makes you think twice about that ‘fill in the blank’ that you thought you couldn’t live without!

  2. Cindy Holman says:

    I totally agree! Eat LESS of the things you like – but don’t deprive yourself of it entirely – you end up binging or worse. My Dad was famous for saying, ‘eat everything in moderation’ and I have adopted that phrase as well – I’ve never done the ‘fad’ diets – EVER and I never intend to. My husband and I belong to LA fitness and try to go 2 to 3 times a week – but summer has been HARD! Good grief. I need to get back to a regular routine – I feel so much better!!!

  3. It’s so true! And I am so happy i’ve started getting myself back into a routine of exercising daily, I’m 3 for 3 so far this week! And with my children getting back into school, that will help alot! I forgot how good I feel when I exercise, how energized and stress-relieved. Its’ wonderful!

  4. Lisa Kelly says:

    Girl … I am right there with you. I’ve hit a plateau, and can’t lose another pound to save my life, except that I’m NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE!! But I was good this morning … had a bowl of oatmeal and then went out for a 5K run. Gotta get back into the running routine! And after I saw this pic of my high school friend this a.m. … I am SO motivated now!! haha


  5. I’m sure I haven’t lost anything yet, but I”m working on it! I’m 4 outta 5 so far and I”m headed for my elliptical right now! I definitely feel better when I”m exercising. Today I’m sore from my wed workout, does that mean I’m doing it right? 😀

  6. Lisa Kelly says:

    Yep, that means you’re doing it right for sure!! 4 outta 5 days … that’s awesome!!!!

  7. Thank god for back to school!
    I wanted to let you know I added you to my blogroll. Thanks for your comments!
    -the mindful mama

    • Thanks for the link! You’re welcome for the comments. Sometimes I read something and it just really resonates, if you know what I mean. It’s also nice to know that you’re not the only one going through things.

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