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You know it’s summer when….

on August 11, 2010

The forecast includes daytime high temps in the mid 90’s and you get excited about it!

You jump into a beautiful sparkling blue swimming pool expecting some relief from the heat, but instead feel like you’re in  a community bathtub and look around for the soap!

The sound of cicadas almost overpowers the constant droning of air conditioners on overload.

No matter how badly she needs to use the bathroom, the dog refuses to go outside b/c it’s just too freaking hot!

You give up using the stove to cook and instead just use the sidewalk or hood of the car!

In the evening, after the sun has gone down, you think it’s ‘not too bad out’, even though the temp is still in the mid 90’s.

The bank time and temp reads:  1:03, 205F! And it doesn’t surprise you because it really feels like that!

The best return on investment you’ve gotten in a long time is the hours of fun your children have had with the $9 slip and slide. (Remember those? you slide on the plastic tarp into a mud hole at the end? not any more, ours is way upscale! It’s got a pillow at the end that fills with water and sprinkles it into a little pool at the end. How cool is that?! But if you run fast enough, you’ll still slide off the end into a mudhole. Don’t know which they like more!

You can’t seem to keep enough icy pops or ice cream in the house.

You’ve only just showered and walk out the front door and instantly feel like you need another!

The beautiful garden tub that you couldn’t live without six months ago, sits full of dust bunnies and dirty clothes because the last thing you want right now is a HOT bath!

It looks like fall because the trees are turning colors and dropping leaves from the heat.

You save some money because you don’t need hair products for a ponytail!

Even the cold tap water is lukewarm.

You thank God each and every day for giving us the genius who invented air conditioning and marvel at how anyone could have possibly lived without it!

2 responses to “You know it’s summer when….

  1. Cindy Holman says:

    Okay – which part of the country are you in? I’m in Seattle and we have had a COLD rainy summer – which is NOT normal!!! I see the sun out there today and we’re supposed to have a nice weekend – but we’ll see!!

  2. I’m in Oklahoma and it is seriously hot! We’ve had triple digits all week and it won’t end until Sunday when it drops into the low/mid 90’s. I would so love to have some cool temps, but we won’t cool off, and I mean really cool off til early Oct. Sept. is not as hot as Aug, but only marginally so. I spent a month in Bremerton when I was 9, my mom has family there. beautiful city from what I remember, I’ve got a few very vivid memories of our trip.

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