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Pepperoni Pizza Paninis!

on August 4, 2010

You try saying that three times fast!  I found, and knowing me, later altered, this recipe several years ago and we all just love it. You can easily change it to your tastes. If you don’t like pictures, well, stop here. This recipe is basically done with photos.

For each sandwich you will need:

2 slices Texas Toast

6 slices mozzarella

1tbsp shredded parmesan

9 slices pepperoni


garlic salt

pizza sauce

While you are assembling sandwiches, heat grill pan to med/hi

lay three slices of mozzarella on each slice of bread

arrange pepperoni in three rows, overlapping a bit, sprinkle with garlic salt and shredded parmesan

lay the last three slices of mozzarella over the parmesan, top with second slice of bread, butter and put butter side down on grill pan

now butter the side that is up and put grill weight on top

cut the sandwich and serve with warmed pizza sauce for dipping

Here's my boy enjoying his dinner. YUM-O-RAMA!

I also made a lower fat/calorie version for myself using only 5 slices of pepperoni and three slices of mozzarella. Still tastes great, but with alot less guilt!

This can also be done on a skillet or griddle, I just like the grill marks/panini style sandwich.

12 responses to “Pepperoni Pizza Paninis!

  1. Cindy Holman says:

    These look so yummy! We had grilled tuna and cheese for lunch – also one of our favorites ♥

  2. valcitygal says:

    These are the cutest sandwiches I have ever seen!!!

  3. My kids love these! 🙂

  4. YAY! What’s not to love???

  5. This is a very smart intervention. My mother in law does the same thing but on biquette/long french bread. I too do the same but on Naan bread which is also call a Pita Bread.

  6. Oh wow this is cool and your welcome. I never seen my link open like that before normally it is just a line of code. Your page is better set up than my page!

  7. Your absolutely right it worked! I just tested it out on my blog! Thanks Goddess!

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