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Daddy’s Little Girl

on July 27, 2010

This is a piece I wrote shortly before my dad died eleven years ago today.

Daddy’s Little Girl

When she was born she was the apple of his eye

His was the first face she saw in this world

Eyes filled with joy and love

Endless possibilities in store for this brand new perfect life

He promised he would be the best, teach her all she needed to know

Protect her from the boogeyman, hug away the fears

Bandage her owies, kiss away the tears

Walk her down the aisle

Hold her hand through all of life’s adventures

When he saw he had done all he could

To help put her on the right path in life

He knew the time had come

He kissed her on the forehead, let go of her hand

And went home to wait for her

Her course in life was gently guided by his love

Now it’s her turn to carry on what he started

To make sure everyone knows the affect a daddy had on this little girl

I love you dad

2 responses to “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. Cindy Holman says:

    What a beautiful poem to leave as a legacy for your Dad – he would have LOVED that!

  2. Thanks Cindy. Even though he’s gone, I still try to do things that he would approve of and make him proud. Kind of like the WWJD, but in my case sometimes it’s WWDD – What would Dad do?

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