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An AMAZING Laundry Experiment and My Two New BFF’s

on July 17, 2010

I posted earlier about the awesome concoction to remove stains. Here’s a pic of my two new BFF’s who are 2/3 of my newest stain-fighting arsenal.  

 I have used it several times on various things, I have three children (2 in elementary school and one I’m married to) whose only goal in life is to spill/drip/wipe something on every article of clothing they own, and then some. Laundry day is something I put off until the baskets are all overflowing because, well, I hate doing it! Taking care of all the stains is a real pain in the arse. 

Something else you don’t know about me is I’m science geek. I loved biology and doing experiments. So, with that in mind, I decided to test out my newest fave laundry weapon on, GASP, red wine! See, in my house, red wine is a regular visitor in various flavors, the darker the better. but since my husband is a 40-something kid, he’s been known to spill on occasion. Like last night, on a WHITE shirt. 

To test out this solution, I put the last few drops from a bottle to good use on an old white t-shirt we use for painting.  Just to add interest to it and see how well it really works, I let it sit out on my patio, in direct sun, in about 97 to 98F heat (heat index approx 115) until the sun went down (several hours baking time). 

The first thing I did, I just rinsed the stain under cold water to see what would happen. This is what it looked like after the cold water rinse, immediately after applying the miracle paste. 

The red wine stain at the beginning of my experiment

 This is what the stain looked like after about 45 minutes. Can you see the difference?  The change in color on the right side of the stain is where the solution sort of bled over and started to work. 

Can you see the difference?

 Being the girl who likes to go all out, I decided to see what would happen if  I tried to eliminate the whole stain. 

How's this for AMAZING?

Not too bad, huh? Now I will tell you that after I rinsed the first application of the solution, there was still a hint of a stain so I treated it again and it came out. Something else that was pretty FREAKING AMAZING, it went through to the back of the shirt. Why is this so amazing? Well, you know liquid is going to just soak thru, right? The wine did the same thing, soaked through and stained the back of the shirt as well, BUT when I treated the stain, I only treated it on the front side, where the stain began and the liquid part of  the solution worked on the back side of the shirt! Even without the scrubbing on of the baking soda, it still worked! Wow! Thanks On the Glam! This is such an amazing tip, it’s like MAGIC!!!

Magic paste: equal parts baking soda/hydrogen peroxide/water.  Mix into a smooth paste and rub onto stain with a toothbrush. Allow to sit for 30 minutes and rinse. Repeat as necessary and test on an inconspicuous location for colorfastness. I have used this on sunscreen stains that were too stubborn for bleach. Also on a color striped knit shirt of my daughter’s. It’s amazing, it’s inexpensive, it’s basically organic, and it works!

One response to “An AMAZING Laundry Experiment and My Two New BFF’s

  1. On the Glam says:

    Amazing right! I couldn’t believe how well it worked on deodorant stains and even sunscreen/body lotion stains (you know, those orange-y stripes that creep around the elbows and mid-sections of white cotton shirts?). Glad it worked so well for you too! Definitely my favorite new all-purpose stain-fighter. So long expensive Oxiclean

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