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10 Random things that make me crazy

on July 15, 2010

My children have been gone the past week, so I’ve been making my favorite thing for dinner, reservations! So I thought I’d just share some of the random thoughts that bang around in my brain. I’ve told you about my little brain vacations, haven’t I? Here are a few examples of what I”m talking about, in no particular order.

1. People who pull in front of you and go……..slow….you…..think….you….may…..get….a…..year…..older…..before……getting…..where…….are……going….grrrrr

2. When I lived in a downstairs apartment and I had very noisy upstairs neighbors,  I had a dream that I would put a 9mm in my waistband and casually lean against the door frame, knock, and when they open it, pull the shirt away from my waist so they can see I’m ‘packing’ and  asking them to shut the hell up! does that mean I’ve seen too many cop movies?

3. Wrong number phone calls, at 3AM. I’ve been known to curse loudly at whatever idiot is asking for Antonio/Tasha/Johnny/Amanda/random booty call.

4. People that jump into the parking space you’ve been patiently waiting for, and then they get all upset and act innocent when you honk/curse/flip them off/try to run them down

5. Incompetent people responsible for answering the phone, see

6. Buying special rolls to make gourmet burgers for a girl’s night and then finding them covered in mold. Sorry penicillin burgers were not on the menu!

7. Driving what feels like 50 miles on one lane of a two-lane interstate that’s been blocked for ‘construction’ only to find that the miles of orange barrels were just there b/c they had nowhere else to put them!

8. People with a basket full, and mean FULL top and bottom, in the express lane when the sign clearly says ’10 items or less’. Or sometimes the sign says ‘About 20 items’ that word ‘about’ opens it up to interpretation. I guess it depends on what your definition of ’20’ is.

9. People who let their dogs poop in my yard and don’t pick it up. I fantasize about following one of them home with the doodoo in a paper bag, waiting til they go inside, then putting it on the porch and setting it on fire! Do you think they’d get the point?

10. Liars. See

Do tell, what bugs you?

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