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And The Universe Said, ‘ha HA!’, Again

on June 23, 2010

Oh my sweltering heat! This summer has just gotten out of control way too early! Today at 8:15AM, it was 82F and 70% humidity! You know, I have a suggestion for the weather people around here. There are a couple of times each year when we don’t need to be told how FREAKING HOT it is outside. Like now, when the heat index is about 367F, and in winter when the wind chill is in the single digits, or worse. They could simply use a three letter description: RFH or RFC. As in REALLY FREAKING HOT, or REALLY FREAKING COLD. It would save them some time and you know what, sometimes we just don’t want to see the actual numbers, they’re just depressing. Kind of like coming home from vacation, you know you’ve gained a bit, but don’t want to get on the scale because seeing how much it really is will make you feel like you never want to eat again!

So as I’m marveling at air conditioning and thanking God and the genius who came up with it, I remembered a conversation I had with a little old lady and the thoughts that I had before I met her. You see, I think what you put out into the universe, you get back. Example, having a great day? Everything goes right. But, if you’re having a crap day, everything seems to follow suit. Anyway, I always said I didn’t want to have a baby in August just because it’s so bloody hot here, I ‘d be really miserable. The Universe said, HA HA! I’ll show you how in control you are. I found out I was pregnant in December and started doing the math. Yep, I got an August baby. He made his appearance 8/21. When I was still in the early stages of my pregnancy, I had lunch at a function and was chatting with a lady who was probably close to 80 and I was whining about how horrible it was going to be, pregnant in the summer here. Then she piped up and said, ‘When I was pregnant in summer, we didn’t HAVE air conditioning.’ And just looked at me very pointedly. I said, ‘Wow. ok, I’ll shut up now!” I managed to survive, but right after he was born, we had about a week of 100+ weather.

When we started talking about another child, I said, “I won’t have another August baby”. And you know that was just sealing our fate, dont’ you? Even though I tried to juggle the calendar and get it right so we could avoid another summer baby, well, apparently somewhere things got jumbled up. I remember December 13, it was a Friday, when I found out we were having another August baby! The Universe said HA HA! once again.  I sat there and cried! I was so upset! My husband, well, he just laughed. Needless to say, we have a beautiful daughter and I wouldnt’ trade my children for anything in the world. But it just goes to show exactly how much control we have over our lives. 

If you are pregnant in summer, I feel your pain, literally! But you will get through it and thank the genius who invented the AC!

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