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I’m on a mission and I need some help!

on June 22, 2010

It’s summer and  with two children out of school for nearly three months in sweltering heat, we have to be creative with activities to stay busy. I’ve been very fortunate this year in that we were on vacation for the first week and a half. And then, a week later, my mom and stepdad took my children camping for 4 days. Thankfully, that has seriously cut down on the cries of ‘I’m bored!’ and I haven’t even heard it from my kids yet! No, really, mine don’t do that, they’ve learned better! Any time those two words come from them, they know they will be marched to their rooms to clean, or to the back yard for doody duty, or the bookshelf for some quality one on one time with some real characters. I’m so thankful they don’t do that often.

Now my challenge is to find fun things for us to do that don’t involve sitting in front of the tv or video games all day. So, here’s what we’ve done so far:

1. went to a movie (that’s kind of a gimme. Who doesn’t want to go to a movie when it’s bloody hot out?)

2. Went to the library and picked up some new books.

3. Went to Blockbuster and picked a couple of movies.

4. Visited our local aquarium and marveled at all of the diversity of life under the water.

5. Tried a new ice cream place. Well, it’s really frozen yogurt and really good, but stupid expensive! $16 for ice cream/frozen yummy treat for myself and a 9yo and a 6yo is pretty steep in my book! Good, but next time we’ll share!

6. Went swimming. Another gimme. Seriously wishing now that we had a pool and seriously considering begging and pleading with my dear sweet wonderful husband to let me put a pool in for next summer!  I used to say I didn’t want one until we could afford the pool boy to clean it, but I think I’m slowly coming around to the frame of mind that a pool would be something good to have!

7. Visited a park at dusk and caught fireflies. That was really so fun watching my daughter. They were like glitter in the edge of the woods and just make me smile to see them.

8. Went bowling with friends. I’ve signed my children up with a program called Kids Bowl Free, sign up the children and they get free bowling, 2 games a day, all summer. You still have to rent the shoes, but it’s an inexpensive and active way to spend a scorching afternoon. Check them out here there are bowling centers all over the country that participate.

9. Made yogurt pudding pops. They are really disgusting, my first attempt I think is a complete failure, thankfully my daugther thinks they’re fab!

10. Went to the drive-in theater, watched both movies and ate so much popcorn we were all sick!

11. Cleaned out my daughter’s drawers and decided what to donate and what to sell. This coming after she wore a skirt that would be considered obscene if she were but 10 years older!

12. Picked ripe grape tomatoes from our very own little plant.

13. Signed up for the reading programs at Border, Barnes & Noble and our library.

Things we have not done yet, but plan to:

Visit our two local museums, take a walk and see how many letter of the alphabet we can knock out by finding things that start with that letter. Hit our local waterpark. Find some fun craft things to make from one of our craft stores. I’ve also found some fun things at our local library, they have fun free events for all ages planned all summer. Go to a pottery store and paint something.

If you have any great ideas for children of elementary school age, please do share! What is it you like to do with your children over the summer?  I need help people!

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