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You know you’ve had a really crappy day if…

on June 16, 2010

Preface: All of these things actually happened, but not all to me.  The names of the innocent have been omitted to protect their identities. Feel free to add yours!

…you open the fridge to get something and find your laundry detergent. Or open the pantry and find your milk.

…the teenage cashier looks at you and says, ‘Looks like you’ve had a long day too.’ Thanks junior, that means I look like crap!

…the librarian asks your name, and you can’t remember it! It really happened, but after a long week of exams.

…your precious three year old tells you he’s made a poopy, but it’s not in the toilet, it’s in the window seat of his bedroom! Or in the backyard, had that one too!

…you’re using the self checkout at the library and the machine tells you there’s a problem with your card and you need to go to the front desk.  Wow! Those fines must be worse than I thought!  Then you realize, they don’t take Blockbuster cards at the library!

…you sacrifice your favorite bagels from your favorite bagel shop in favor of traction under the spinning tires of a truck in a snowstorm. Don’t laugh, they acutally worked!

…setting the alarm clock for your romantic get away weekend, you accidentally hit the ‘time’ button and change the time.  When the alarm goes off, you rush around in a total panic to get out the door in a flash, only to see the clock on the dash tell you you’re actually an hour EARLY!

…your mother forgets your birthday….AND YOU’RE AN ONLY CHILD!

…your mother ‘accidentally’ throws away your daughter’s $90 bottle of eye drops before you’ve even had the chance to use them!

…you turn on your computer and it does nothing.  After being examined by the computer geeks, you’re told there’s nothing they can do and all of the files (including 100’s of pictures) are gone forever and you know have a useless boat anchor on your desk.

…you arrange a romantic 10th anniversary getaway and totally screw up the return dates on the flight, and find out when you go to the airport after your wonderful weekend that your seats were on a plane that left three days earlier!

…you’re invited to a fundraiser and will be sitting at a corporate table (read free food) and wake up puking in the night before and spend the entire day paralyzed on the couch!

…you plan a family vacation, doesn’t matter where, happens every time, one of your children either wakes up puking right before you leave, or while you’re on your vacation!

…your husband forgets your birthday, and you’re 8 months PREGNANT!

…your oh-so-precious-love-of-your-life child smacks your thigh and says, ‘Mommy, your legs wiggle!”  thanks for that honey, I hadn’t noticed the cellulite until now!

…you think the stuff the kids listen to on the radio these days is crap!  then comes the realization you must really be OLD!

…your mom looks at you, with a very intent and questinong look on her face.  You’re thinking she’s going to make a comment about the ‘third eye’ zit you’ve got going on in the middle of your forehead, but instead says, ‘Are you alright?  Your skin looks yellow.  Are you sure you’re ok?’  yes mom, I’m fine, thanks for noticing.  The yellow cast comes from being out of the sun, it’s called pale.

…you get home from a family outing to a park only to see that you’ve left the garage door open while you’ve been gone!

Anybody else have things like this happen? Please tell me I”m not alone in my blonde moments!

2 responses to “You know you’ve had a really crappy day if…

  1. blackwatertown says:

    Yup, it took my 8 year old daughter to point out that the supermarket checkout would not accept my PIN number because I was using the wrong card. Doh!

    • drmomx2 says:

      DOH! I have done that too and felt like a complete genius for doing it! But I didn’t have an 8 yo telling me about it! I have a 9yo boy and he would’ve taken way too much pleasure in pointing out my mistake! I hope she didn’t give you too much grief for it.

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