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What the…..My BLONDE moment for the week!

on June 15, 2010

Agh. have you ever seen ‘Charlie Brown’? You know when he’s trying to kick the football and Lucy promises she won’t pull the ball out from him this time? So he decides to give it a go because she seems so sincere, and surely she won’t do it to him again. Charlie backs up, gets a good running start, kicks with all his might and….bam! Flat on his back looking at the sky, frustrated and humiliated once again.

Well, that’s me today, frustrated and humiliated, again. You see, I have this problem, a memory problem. I tend to forget things easily. Early onset Alzheimer’s? Nope, i blame it on my children, but anyway, I sometimes forget things that need to be done if it’s not written down. Today, at 6AM, I sat straight up in bed remembering what I’d forgotten last night: my pie. My beautiful, wonderful, perfect Key Lime Pie! Talk about feeling like a real genius! I followed the recipe to the T. The crust came out golden and perfect. The filling was tart, tangy and sweet all at the same time. It said to cool completely then place in the freezer. Well, me and my little pea brain decided the counter would be a good place to cool the pie. As if any part of my house is really what I’d call cool this time of year. When I went off to bed, with thoughts of a fluffy feather pillow in my head, the pie had completely slipped my mind. My question, why couldn’t I have had that AHA moment at, oh, say , 10:30 last night, rather than 6AM, when my pie was essentially garbage? I felt like Charlie, lying flat on my back looking up at the sky and wondering ‘Why?’

Oh well, I guess it really doesn’t pay to cry over spoiled pie. I’m just going to go to the store in a bit, when it actually opens, and buy the ingredients to make it again. It came together really easily, btw, much easier than I thought it would. I thought  it was going to be more like putting together a cheesecake, but it wasn’t. Easy? Yup. I’m all about easy recipes! I’ll post a review and the recipe tomorrow. In the mean time, you can call me Charlie.

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