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My favorite summer dessert

on June 12, 2010

OMG I am stuffed! I just polished off a bowl of my favorite summer dessert: Strawberry shortcake! MMMM Love it! I love all the fresh strawberries that are available now. Some in the container were bigger than a golf ball and just as beautiful and red as you would expect them to be. None of the pale reddish/yellow early season, or hot house berries. Just pure fresh from the farm goodness.

When I have the time I like to make my own shortcakes with Bisquick. I just like the texture and the flavor, they’re not too sweet or too spongy. The store bought cakes are really pretty sad, but that was what we had when I was growing up. The fake yellow little sponge cakes with milk on them. Now if I dont have the time, or desire to heat my kitchen, I’ll buy an angel food cake.  Top it with some juicy, ripe berries and a healthy dollop of whipped cream and I”m a happy girl!

I think this is one of those desserts we all do our own way. I told you about the way we had it when I was younger. My grandmother used to eat it with Twinkies! Yep! She used Twinkies for the cake part. And even though it kinda really grosses me out, I get where she’s coming from: they’re little yellow sponge cakes and the ‘whipped cream’ is inside. Would I fix it that way for myself? Only if I was seriously desperate!

One recipe I haven’t tried yet, is chocolate shortcakes! Oh yes! I have seen it somewhere, I’m going to have to look it up and try them. I love the chocolate/strawberry combination and to have it fresh, yumorama!

How do you do yours?

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